This week: 30 July 2015

This week was the pits. I'm not going to go into the sweaty stinkiness of it all - cause who wants to read/remember that junk? I will complain by saying that my HUGE belly is catching up to me, bringing with it more exhaustion and crazy hip/joint paint. Guess 45 lbs will have that effect. Just so you can feel sorry for me/be glad it's not you:

I made 12 doctor appointments for August. Twelve. Two ultrasounds a week and a doctor visit. They're keeping their eye on the girls since they have high fluid, but even my doctor thinks it's overkill. But she said that she can't send me to a specialist (a few weeks ago) and not take his advice - read: we don't want to be liable. But really, healthy babies. That's what matters. 

Okay, so this whole week wasn't the pits. Actually, not at all. Any week that includes Wade and Husband is a good week, right?! 

Wade continues to take advantage of my moving distraction and exhaustion. 

He learned to say "more" which is him actually asking for marshmallows. It's adorable, so marshmallows has become an overly large part of his diet.

Husband has started sleeping in the guest room, I snore too loudly. He says it's not actually snoring, but super heavy breathing. Happens when there is a human where my lung used to be. Stella is the most affected, she has to switch rooms a few times a night to snuggle both of us. 

We've been moving boxes over to the new house! Our plan is to start sleeping there on Saturday night - woohoo!!! Then we'll still be in the living in two houses limbo, just reverse what house is the main house.  Not sure where Husband will sleep...

We've had 8 showings of our townhouse and two more scheduled for tonight and tomorrow! (Side note: it'll be so nice NOT living here doing showings. Plus side is that the house is consistently super clean!) We know that we're in the top two for one woman and in the top three for another couple. Now someone just make us their number one and put in an offer!

Sorry, no pictures this week - part of moving limbo includes no internet. 

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