Diary of Wade: Sisters, two months

My little sisters are two months old.

 They're still boring.

But I'm liking them a lot more. 

They like to play with their toy gym and sometimes we all lie under it together playing with toys. 

They like to smile and I like talking to them to make them smile. Sometimes mom says that I'm too close and to get out of their faces, but they like it and mom just doesn't understand - a big brothers got responsibilities! Blake giggles and coo's back to me more than Jacqueline. 

These are pictures of Blake smiling: 

And here are some of Jacqueline smiling: 

I like holding Blake more cause Jacqueline spits up on me and I do not like messes. When Jacqueline spits up on mom I help and get a blanket to wipe it up. Blake is also easier for me to hold because she is smaller.

They went to the doctor (I got to go to a friend's house and play. I do not like the doctor's) and got weighed - Jacqueline is 12 pounds 6 ounces and Blake is 10 pounds 3 ounces. They're both getting big! 

They're both in 3-6 month clothes and Jacqueline fits into 6 month jammies. Jacqueline also graduated into size 2 diapers. Now we're all in different diapers - isn't mom lucky?! Mom got out bigger sized clothes to put in their dresser - I've been helping by putting them back in the boxes. Currently they're all on the floor because the dresser/boxes battle continuing. Empty boxes need to be filled. Mom doesn't get that. 

 They take good naps in the morning so mom and I can play without them for a bit. Sometimes that's important. Blake doesn't sleep as well, so mom wears her a lot while we play. They also take a really long nap in the afternoon cause they're babies and mom says they need to sleep a lot. I only nap in the afternoon cause I'm not a baby and I only need one nap. Lots of times they go to sleep at night before we eat dinner. Even though I'm liking them more, I like that I get mommy and daddy all to myself at night.

They still cry a lot, especially in the car. The car is not a good time. But they're getting interested in a lot of different things and like looking around and playing with toys more. So I guess they're finally getting a little fun.

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