Diary of Wade - TWO!!!

I'm TWO!

If you ask me how old I am, I will not tell you cause I don't say two. My favorite number is nine. I love the say nine. Sometimes I call six nine, cause they look the same. Who did that? All the others ones look different. I guess 5 and 2 look a little bit the same. I like to say five too. But not two.

I like saying my colors too. Blue, purple and pink are my favorites. I love saying the colors of Christmas lights. I love lights so much. I love to turn lights on and off. But colored lights are the most fun. Mama (mommy's mom) got me a coloring book!

Look, PINK! I figured out pretty quickly that I can stack my colors too.

I really like to sort things into colors and line them up too. I lined up all of mommy's blue utensils and then I joke around and call the orange one blue, but then I say "nooooo" cause it's not blue, it's orange! But I do not say orange yet. That one is difficult.

I like to do so many things. Mommy say I'm super busy. But I also like to take naps and go to bed. Daddy will brush my teeth and read me a story, ten we say prayers and I go to sleep. Mommy and daddy both say I'm good with going to sleep - why wouldn't I be? It's nice to relax and rest so I have energy to do all the things I want!

Mommy and daddy got me a trampoline! I LOVE TO JUMP!! Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump.

I also figured out pretty quick that I could stack things on my trampoline too.

For my birthday we had donuts for breakfast. It was so early that I didn't even want all the lights on, it was too bright.

And we made ceekies. I helped.

The blue frosting was my favorite. Mmmm. Blue tastes so good. Mommy had all the ceekies in a tupperware container, but she didn't realize that I could open it. So I would push my stool over and help myself! But they weren't frosted, so mommy said she didn't mind all that much. I thought it was a delicious trick I pulled.

So far, I really like two! I can tell mommy what I want and she'll get it for me. I can push around my stool and get myself snacks. I have so many fun things to play with. Two is also frustrating cause sometimes mommy doesn't get me what I want. Or I get told no. That's not fair. I'm two, I can do whatever I want!

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