Diary of Wade: Sisters - 4 months

My sisters are already 1/3 of a year old. Look how smiley they are! The love to smile at me and I love to play with them. They can't sit up yet, but we prop them up in the corners of chairs, but they fall over a lot because they are still little. 

Blake > Jacqueline: 
Number of teeth (she had one, but it went away. I guess that happens - weird!)
Amount of hair
Rolling over
Wiggles and movement
Distractibility. Mom has to cover her with a blanket to feed her cause she wants to look at everything. And to sleep she has to be in the dark. 

Blake < Jacqueline:
Weight (by a couple of pounds!)
Nap length
Screaming (J has figured out that she can screech and she loves it)
Staying put
Drooling and spitting up. That's why Jacqueline is wearing the bib.

Blake = Jacqueline:
Sleeping through the night. They're both terrible.
Smiling and giggling
Tooting. It's funny. I like to laugh when they toot. 

Mom says I should include these for your enjoyment. They are pretty enjoyable. I suggest you come visit to see them though, they're way more fun in person. And you can play with me too. 

Mom says that Blake looks like Gollum in the picture on the right. But she says she shouldn't say that cause it's mean - I don't know who Gollum is, but she does look creepy in that picture. But she's usually cute. 

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