This week: 1.20.16

Happy 2016!

Wait, I'm a little late. Story of my life.

I am so sad I haven't been posting. I fell of the bandwagon for all of December, which is likely a good thing since I was a basket case and melted down almost daily - so my posts probably would've gone negative, which is not what I want to remember. Highlights (er...low lights), without all the gory, ranting details. In laws were here for over two weeks, moved (almost) all their stuff out. On Christmas day they left and my entire family got in that evening. All 14 of them. And in the middle all my kids got sick and on Christmas Eve we went to urgent care and all three had pneumonia. Plus I was sick. It was quite the December. So many positives, a few negatives - but we were running full steam the whole month!

I'm working on a picture heavy post of highlights from the month. So many great things happened - and a few I even captured on camera!

But onto this week, because I don't want to lose and forget any more moments.

Four years ago we got engaged. Feels longer.

Wade is in a big boy bed!! And the girls each have their own crib!! The whole thing has been a dreamlike smooth transition. The first night he was in his big boy bed we tucked him in (he immediately kicked off the covers - kid doesn't do hot) and Husband went to snuggle next to him and Wade said "out!" The two year old had spoken! So we shut the door and that was that. He doesn't get out of bed until we come to get him and he loves going to bed even more now. Earlier this week he was playing on the iPad while I put the girls down (the kid is ADDICTED to that thing - we have to hide it at all times) and I asked if he wanted to take a nap - he came over for me to carry him and while we went up the stairs he opened his sound machine app, turned it on, handed me the iPad and got in bed. WHO IS THIS KID?!

The above being said, Wade got in bed tonight at 7:30 PM and I can still hear him up there happily playing and it's 9:45 PM. That's not a usual occurrence, but sometimes bed is just too fun.

One morning Wade and I were eating breakfast and we heard Blake start to cry on the monitor (yes, I can tell their cries apart) and Wade said "oo, bebe" and ran away. Next thing I know I hear Wade on the monitor and Blake giggling. Be still my mama heart.

Blake was the one crying because Blake is almost always the one crying these days. Why? Because she can roll over. But she sleeps on her tummy. So she rolls over in her sleep or right after she wakes up and she is ticked! That little peanut can let out some blood chilling screams. I've been referring to her as the turtle since my mom pointed out that she's like a turtle stuck upside-down. Cannot wait for her to figure out how to roll back. But then I'll have Jacqueline being the turtle, and that girl gets way  madder about things.

I know everyone thinks their kid is the next Einstein. Um, I don't. I think my kid is pretty normal, but my heart definitely bursts with excitement when anyone of my kids does something new. Wade knows a lot of his letters, colors and numbers. We'll be reading a book and he'll randomly point out a letter - when did he learn that?! Thank you iPad? And we count all day long. Yesterday he started saying "two bebes." It's amazing to watch him grow. I'm trying to slow down and just enjoy.

Wade loves my phone. More than Husband's. We finally figured out why. Husband pointed to his phone and asked Wade whose phone it was, Wade said "Daddy!" Then he pointed to my phone and asked Wade whose phone that was and Wade said "Mine!" That explains a lot.

Jacqueline has started screaming. Not crying. Not mad. Just screaming because she can. It's funny and already old. I keep thinking she's starting to lose it, so I'll go to pick her up and she'll give me the biggest grin like she's proud of herself and the loud noises she can make.

Yesterday I was tickling Wade and among the giggles he would gasp out "DADA!!" cause Bryan is usually the one attacking. Even when Husband is at work he gets accused.

This week we had the coldest day of the year. It's been a super mild winter, but this just bit us right in our faces (that's why they call it frost bite). It was cold enough that we were authorized to hold church in our homes on Sunday! Husband blessed the sacrament and we did little talks, it was kind of cool. And I appreciated not taking my littles, who had pneumonia a few short weeks ago, out into the -24 weather. We celebrated this whole event by leaving the garage door open all night. Fail. Such a stupid fail.

We're operating with one car right now. Husband and his brother are working on Husband's car this weekend. But we're going on three weeks with one car. Luckily I never go anywhere, so it hasn't been a big deal. Plus it's cold, so I'm even more of a shut in. And, super lucky, Husband works 6 minutes from home, so I've been able to take him the few times I've needed the car and Candice watches the kids.

Oh, who is Candice?! Husband's brother (Travis) is living with us for the semester with his wife (Candice), daughter, and dog. It's been so nice! It's fun having some other people around to do stuff with. We do more complete meals, can play more games - it's great. And it's been a dream to be able to dash out without having to load everyone up! One doesn't simply dash places with three kids two and under.

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