This week: 12.13.15

I have a two year old. Check out what that little firecracker is up to on his Diary of Wade post. I have had so many sappy thoughts this week about motherhood and this little boy. I could fill a book. Probably not one anyone would care to read it, but it'd be full. Summing it up - the good far outweighs the difficult and overall these littles have brought me immense joy and transformed into an entirely different person - one that is more remarkable than the old me would have imagined.

We had a great snowfall and Wade was in heaven! Being outside, with Dada, and ICE?! He could not be happier. The snow has since melted (we're having the weirdest/nicest warm weather) but while it as here he would stand looking out the window by the front door begging for ice - I'd let him out to snag some snow. We live in Minnesota, this is going to be a long winter.

Blake is getting a tooth. Am I pulling your leg? No. No I am not. She gave me a HUGE post nap grin and that's when I saw it...a white speck. I investigated - sure enough, it's a tooth. She's barely 3.5 months. She's been a little fussier, which now makes sense. I'm being even more of a push over when she cries at night, so nights have gotten even worse. I have no gumption at 2 am.

But look how cute she is!!

My body is trying to get sick. I'm working to avoid that. But, read the above - I'm not getting much sleep. Definitely not enough to ward off a cold. Luckily my mother in law is here and taking care of so much + pumping me full of essential oils and other natural remedy concoctions.

Oh yeah, my in-laws are here! They walked in the door and suddenly I only had two children to tend. Wade LOVES them and does everything with them. Mommy and Daddy are kinda chopped liver. Okay, maybe we're not that gross. We're more like a banana while Nana and Papa are blue cotton candy with edible glitter sprinkles on a glow stick base. They're kind of a big deal. They're here until Christmas, working on moving the rest of their stuff out of the house. Packing up 20 years is crazy, but they're doing an amazing job. I can't count the number of times my MIL has said "why did I keep that for so long?!" as she tosses it into the Goodwill pile.

Wade's been telling me the color of everything. Blue, pink, white, green, purple. Not orange, yellow or red. We don't like anything hot - not even hot colors...apparently. I did not teach him his colors. Thank you iPhone? Parent fail. I have twins, don't judge.

Husband has been trying to get Wade to say "Dada is best." So Husband will say the words and Wade will repeat. It's yet to be successful. But one day I heard this conversation:
Husband: Dada
Wade: Dada
Husband: Is
Wade: Is
Husband: Best!
Wade: Purple!
This went on repeat for quite some time. I continue to call Husband purple.

These cuties - they're almost all looking at the camera! Almost. Sheesh, getting a cute pic of all them is so hard! I got some new picture frames but I don't have any cute shots of these three :(.

I snagged this blanket at Goodwill for $3. I'm so in love that I had to share. In love with the blanket, the price and that I got our of the house!

I decorated the house for Christmas. It is so much work! I'm doing really well with the twins - but if I want to accomplish anything other than the daily stuff, my house falls apart! We decorated for Christmas and painted the living room in the same week - our house has never been so messy. Ever. But now it looks amazing. I'll post pictures this week. See what I did there? I committed myself to posting on here more :).  Here's a sneak peek:

And the newly painted wall. Ahh.

Have a wonderful week!

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