Diary of Wade: SISTERS - 5 months

 5 months already! Mom keeps saying that we'll be able to play more, but I've been waiting a long time.


Blake likes to roll over, except she does it when she's trying to fall asleep and hates it! Or she'll roll over in her sleep and wake up on her back and be really mad. She also moves a lot, so she'll end up ramming her head into the side of the crib. Mom talks to me about making good choices, she should explain to Blake that that isn't a good choice.
Mommy doesn't let Blake be on chairs or beds anymore because she moves too much. Sometimes she'll lay on one side of Jac and end up on the other side and a few feet away.
Blake was getting a tooth, but it disappeared. That was a good move, I'm getting a molar right now and it's the worst.
She's started laughing if you tickle her neck - I like to do that and I say "goochie goochie" like mommy and dada and it makes her laugh.
She likes chewing on her hands and grabbing onto her toys - she can even grab and play with the toy on her carseat.
When Blake smiles she has to wiggle her bum - like they're connected.


Jacqueline is still happy just eating all day. Mommy tells me she'll help me with something after she feeds baby, which isn't long to wait if it's Blake, but if it's Jac...I better figure it out myself. Mommy thinks she's ready to move up to size 3 diapers - I wore size 3 until just a few months ago! That baby is chunky! 
When Jac smiles she has to wiggle her whole body and brings her legs up into the fetal position. 
She can't roll over yet, bet she likes to twist where it looks like she's about to. She's starting to wiggle more too, she also can't sit on couches or chairs, but sometimes mommy will lay her on her bed still. 
Jacqueline takes long naps and falls asleep better than Blake. She really likes eating and sleeping. And pooping. She poops through a lot. I guess that's why mommy thinks she needs bigger diapers. 

I'm learning to say their names. Jac and Blake, instead of just baby. I get Jac right most the time, but sometimes I call Blake the wrong name. 

I like to help mommy with their carseats - I can unsnap them! Mommy always has to check that they're snapped in correctly when she puts them in the car cause I can only unsnap them, I can't snap them back up. They both fall asleep in the car sometimes now, so mommy won't let me unsnap them if they're sleeping. 

I like to rock in the chair while mommy is feeding sisters and I give them kisses before they go to bed. I like when mommy lays them down and they stretch and stick their bums out. Sometimes I say "awww" cause it's so cute. Jacqueline falls right to sleep most the time, but Blake will chat with me for a bit before she falls asleep. Mommy says I distract her. They take a nap at 9:00 am and then mommy and I play. Then they nap again around 1:00 pm and I take a nap then too. And then they go to sleep around 6:00 pm and then I get mommy and dada all to myself until I go to bed! 

Mommy says that we're really lucky that these babies are good babies (and that I'm such a good boy!) because we're all enjoying one another - I guess that doesn't always happen. I guess we are pretty lucky. 

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