This week: 01.25.16

We're kicking off this week with this guy getting his molars which means ear infections and a fever. He's currently watching TV and his iPad - he totally needs both. He might actually like being sick with this un-enfringed electronic time. I got a mix of essential oils from a friend (Basil, Lavender and Melaleuca, in case you're wondering) - it's helping and he smells great. He likes "helping me" apply it, so his hair is nice and oily. He's already turned on his sound machine and climbed in bed to nap/rest twice today. What an adorable sick kid.

Wade has been loving on his sisters so much recently. Whenever they're sitting together he has to wedge between them. I know it's likely a coincidence, but he loves on Jacqueline way more - does he have a favorite? He's also learning to say their names! I thought he was getting it right a lot, but then I realized I was always asking him who Jac was and never Blake, ha! So he's got it down that babies are Jac...

He loves to snuggle them, but not for long. Almost as soon as he gets situated he gets up and leaves. Messing up the girls like it's his job.

Telling secrets under the (smashed) cowboy hat. This is Jac again, I swear he likes her more.

P.S. the cowboy hat is smashed because he keeps hiding it under his pillow.

I got this bench of Craigslist this weekend. Monumental. I'm so excited! I've been looking for a slat bench for over a year and they're always $$$! I told Husband I wanted to try making one, which he had zero faith in me. Then I found this one for $50 and I snatched it up klepto style (except I paid for it...) and I'm in love. It was a little beat up and I thought I might have to refinish it, but I just gave it a little coconut oil bath and it looks amazing! I've been working on making our master bedroom a relaxing place and this is really helping it shape up - I've been hanging out in my room since I brought this dream piece in. 

Okay, two pictures in a row that aren't of the kiddos? What is happening? I'm terrible at taking selfies. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But I nailed this one. And why was I taking a selfie? Because this was day 4 of my hair. All I did was brush it every day. I have my new go to hairstyle. Best part? I wash it, go to bed with it wet and without brushing it, wake up to some craziness, put it in a pony tail and curl the pony tail. Done. Amazing hair that takes less than normal time. Done. 

These two have been driving me bonkers. This is the coveted chair (who cares that all my furniture is leather, they have to love and shed on my one fabric chair. Oh, I hate them). The other day one would bark to make the other run to the window so they could steal the chair. This happened multiple times. Sneaking little ladies. 

Husband and his brother have been working on their cars. We're going on three weeks of sharing a car. Kind of rough. But really, I live a pretty cush life. He worked on it all day Saturday and isn't even half way done :(. And I was all excited to have the garage cleared out, but they got going before I could move any of my hoarding boxes out there. 

I've been working on stressing less and enjoying where I'm at right now. For a while Husband would get home and I'd tell him I had to leave and take a break - which is fine, sometimes and I'm grateful Husband tries to be accommodating. But I was needing to escape almost every day and watching the clock until Husband got home. My daily life simply wasn't fulfilling, and that was my fault. So I've been doing things during the day at home that I enjoy - really making an effort. Both doing things I enjoy and enjoying the things I'm doing - does that make sense? One thing that I started doing this week (at the suggestion of my bff) is listening to podcasts. It's been great! It gets me mentally out of my little world, especially great because getting physically out is really hard. It gets me thinking about things. It uplifts me. Plus I'm not stuck in my over-anazlying brain that fixates and stresses. In just a few days I've felt a difference and it's wonderful! 

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