Backhanded gratitude

Friday! Not that my weekends are much different than my weekdays. But it marks the end of a long week. But even long days (and nights) are full of goodness. Even bad things are sprinkled with sunshine. 

Naps aren't lining up and the kids are all perfectly rotating their time awake. Grateful for one on one time with each kid. 

Wade threw up on the couch. Grateful for a leather couch and that he didn't freak out, he stayed put (in his vomit...ewww) while I cleaned up. 

Four baskets of laundry, three dirty diapers, two babies, my phone and water bottle all need to go downstairs. Grateful that my morning routine can count as a work out. 

This life. Sometimes I need an "are you kidding me" moment, then I rally and head back in. I'm trying to always see my glass half full, cause I don't want to look back and regret that I didn't enjoy this time. And really, my glass is more like 98% full. 

Wish I had a glass 98% full of Dr. Pepper. 

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