This week: 03.09.16

Monday I made sugar cookies during naps. Wade got up and walked into the kitchen - still bleary eyed and disheveled (does that ever get old? Having a sleepy little human walk in is my favorite). He said "hi" (naturally) to announce himself and looked over to see the cookies cooling. In a tired, monotone voice he whispered "ceekie" as he pushed his stool over to the counter, all while only 87% awake. He just stool there staring until I came over, he looked at me and said "ceekie?" again. Sort of like he was asking me for one, but also just pointing out that there were cookies in existence right there in front of him. Ever since we've been eating too many cookies, cause I can't hide them well enough for his radar and cause I can't say no. I like to tell myself that, without frosting, sugar cookies really aren't too terrible. I'm going to keep telling myself that. 

 We figured out how to do Target by ourselves. Something from the dollar section for the toddler to chew on is all part of it. Par-tay Cart!!

Sometimes at Target you find silly bunny ears for $1 and you have to buy them so this can happen:

Hoppy Easter people.

We've had some warmer weather which has made me brave enough to venture out more. The circus act of getting everyone loaded and unloaded is so much more doable without freezing temperatures. Monday we even went to a park and Wade was in heaven. We met up with some friends from Northfield and it was magical - my girls were happy and Wade did the play structure like a champ. What a difference a year makes.

Along with warm weather my kids have seen some naked time!

I put the girls in short sleeves one day and it looked so weird; that's when you know it's been a long winter. Look at those pudgy rolls! Having twins is so rewarding (and hard - let's just make sure everyone knows that's a given), I get two faces that light up when I walk into a room. Sometimes I walk out just so I can walk in again. They're starting to look so alike! Really Blake is just fattening up a little. Blake is on the left and Jac is on the right.

Saturday we still needed jackets and hats - one last time to wear hats made by our talented aunt Emily. Living far from family makes me love little things from them all the more. Jac is on top and Blake is the bottom. Wade has to help daddy hold the leash. Helpful toddlers are so annoying. Since then it's been even warmer, we've had a few days in the 60's!

Husband went golfing today. It was cooler today and the golf course was closing but left Husband some keys so he could still go out for a bit. That's die hard. Or ridiculous. We're both so rejuvenated by the warmer days that we've hardly seen each other. We're tag teaming it. This spring/summer we're going to have to plan our weeks so we can both get out but also so we get time together. Marriage is a team sport. 

I'm totally done (aka failed) with the Whole 30 diet, but it's awakened something in me. I like to cook. I'm becoming a chef. It is so fun. 

I have a new hobby! And Husband is such a fan. I had to explain to him that just cause I'm realizing I like to cook doesn't mean that I love HAVING to cook every night for dinner. Right now I'm on a quest to prove that I deserve two ovens. And maybe an 8 burner stove. For when we remodel our kitchen in 23 years. Oooo, and while we're dreaming, a full size fridge and freezer. Excuse my while I wipe the drool from my mouth. 

Left to right: 
Ribs - made for the first time with a basil/oregano rub cause I don't love heavy BBQ ribs, so I made up my own recipe. Yeah, y'know, making up a recipe on something I've never made before, I'm pretty hard core like that. But it does stink when I go back to make something that turned out well, cause I'm not exactly sure how I did it... With ranch red potatoes along with strawberries and peaches. This meal made me so excited for summer. 
Brownie souffle with hot fudge on a bed of vanilla whipped cream. Ever had the brownie souffle at California Pizza Kitchen?! I remember going there in college with my girlfriends just for their souffle. This tastes the exact same. I'll go ahead and pat myself on the back. 
Roasted chicken. After this cooked for hours and made my house smell delicious I wasn't sure how to get it out of the crock pot, so I put a fork on the butt and a spoon inside. The entire top of the chicken lifted right off the bones. That's when you know it's going to be good. Served with roasted red potatoes and carrots in a ranch seasoning. 

I know I'm becoming one of those ridiculous people who takes pictures of my food. Husbands been making fun of me. As he should. But I am so enjoying this right now. I was just talking to my sister about how creating something - anything - feeds and enlivens the soul. Making a new recipe with fresh ingredients, getting an entire meal ready at the same time, along with cleaning up the kitchen as I go is ridiculously invigorating to me. It feeds that desire to create and uplifts. I discovered a long time ago that my body craves creativity. I get a lot of enjoyment and rejuvenation from curating my home - from painting the walls, to scouring craigslist and thrift stores for perfect items, to building exactly what I want, to sewing textiles or creating the art that I put up - I love that process and the feel of a room that is coming/has come together. I will continue to curate our home, but finances and time create limitations (ya don't say!) - along with small children undoing as quickly as I can do :). So I am thrilled to discover this new creative outlet. 

This week has held so many positives. No, nobody is sleeping through the night. I said positives, not miracles. This winter has been tough. It wasn't bad. I was filled with so much happiness this winter. But it was tough. Sickness, babies, darkness, exhaustion. Each week we come out of the survival fog a little more. I felt more like me this week - being able to get out and do things since I finally have healthy kids, warmish weather and the girls are old enough to take out more. I feel so hopeful for the future - that I'm going to be able to balance all this. That I get to be a mom and a homemaker and a me. Spring has brought with it some rose colored glasses. 

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