This week: 03.16.16

I No pictures this week, I just need to get myself to bed. I know, I know - why even have a blog post?!! Fine, don't read it. Tune in next week when I have pictures. But, I will tell you that Wade was pretty adorable this week (and a monster, but I only wrote adorable stuff).

Currently there's a nat flying around my computer screen. Get thee hence! 

Killed it. I can continue. 

Blake can sit up for almost a minute by herself!! Jacqueline can make it about 5 seconds. She might just be stacking her fat. That's okay - she's still my good sleeper - probably why she's behind Blake developmentally, she's sleepin' while Blake's workin'. 

Both girls have their bottom teeth. Jac's is almost broken through, you can see the whole thing. So she's been a little less than happy (but really, just a little. This bebe is the sweetest happiest thing ever!). And it looks like Blake is getting her two lower lateral incisors (the ones flanking her front bottom ones) and they look like they're coming in crazy, like little girl should have braces on her baby teeth! Oh, and Wade's still working on his molars. It's like my three children were like, "let's play a prank on mommy and dada and all teeth together - alright, hands in, aaaaand break!" I feel like Blake might have been the ring leader. She seems wily. 

Oh, and that wily Blake is a biter. 

I noticed that whenever I'm missing a girl sock after laundry I randomly blame Jacqueline, every time. Even though the only one who can get her socks off is Blake. 

Wade discovered my stomach and thinks it's hilarious. He ooo's and ahhh's and stretches it and mashes it. I'll be honest, it is pretty funny. Twin skin, sheesh. Guess I won't be wearing any crop tops any time soon. 

Oo, I joined a gym! And they have childcare, even for the twins. I've been going to classes and have been feeling great. Sore great. Now if all my little nino's could adjust to daylight savings so I could figure out their naps and take them not screaming to the child care, that'd be great. 

Wade's started saying Stella. He's a bossy pants and only wants to call her when she isn't obeying. So I frequently have a two year old yelling "STEWA" on my front lawn. Walks are the best, he micromanagers her the whole way. Poor dog. 

I discovered that Wade has been feeding Stella. He's remarkably good at it, doesn't spill any (my poor OCD child). I have no idea how many times a day she's been eating. 

Stella really is a spoiled stinkface. She sleep on our bed and hates me. If I touch her, move her, move a blanket that touches her - she growls at me! Often she'll move into my spot when I feed a girl and she'll growl at me when I come back. She is queen of this bed. I just moved my foot a good 6" away from her and she showed me her teeth to say "watch it" so I did it again to bug her. Maybe there's a reason she hates me. 

When I change Wade's poop I tell him "you stink" and he laughs cause I'm hilarious. Sunday morning I was still in bed (I get up at 7, if Wade gets up before that I take care of his needs and then climb back in bed while he plays in his room) and Wade came and put his face in mine and said "you steent" and a moment later I got a whiff of confirmation. 

We've been dancing more. A lot of touching our toes and then reaching up to the sky. Fixes almost any tantrum. Sometimes it starts because Wade's throwing a tantrum on the floor and I ask him if he's touching the floor and then if he wants to touch the sky. Toddlers are all about distraction. 

Wade's been coming in and annoying me while I put the girls down. I'll have one in her crib, all calm and laying down and he'll come in and wind her up. Or he'll try to crawl on the chair with me while I nurse. He's so obnoxious. I often give him my phone just so he'll get out of there. Well, this week he showed his hand - he was being a goober and I whispered to him to leave and find daddy - he came over, held out his hand and said "bhone?" He's been coming in on purpose to get my phone! So clever. Maybe he was the leader on the teething coalition. 

This week was really difficult. I try to not write too much about the negative stuff, but this literally filtered into every moment of this week. Let's make it concise and say that having people live with you is really hard. Even harder when they're young, have a huge shedding dog, and are family. Some things have gone down and now stuff has been strained and awkward. Especially when we called a family meeting to get on the same page and they refused....that was cool. 

I haven't been able to sleep more than 4 hours a night since the above went down. I just can't turn my mind off! I'm so mad and feel so taken advantage of. I hate that I get easily riled (even though I've been pretty patient this time). When I do finally get to sleep then I wake up with a girl and my mind is on again. And this is after I gave up caffeine! I'm working on letting it all go. But I also want to go and lost my greviences to them, yknow? I was praying about the situation and felt like while I might be right or justified that if I held a grudge I was in the wrong. I needed to let go. I need to let go. I am consciously pushing my frustrated thoughts out of my mind. They keep creeping back in, but I'm working to push them back out. Cause, while it's been rough, I don't want to be bitter. I don't want to waste time being angry or feeling awkward in my own home. I get to be in control of my emotions- all of them. It's all still kinda fresh, but I'm working on it. Things are settling. Husband's brother has yet to say a word to me. But that's okay (maybe a good thing). Our own paces. 

Also, having a gym membership has been great through this. I can leave and go somewhere. I can put my frustrated adrenaline to good use. Plus, I feel like I hit it hard this week and can already see results! 

Any suggestions or word of advice for the next two months? 

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