Diary of Wade: Sisters - 8 months

Eight months. 

They are so much fun. And annoying. Sharing is rough. Sometimes it's okay:

And sometimes it's not...

Blake gets up on her knees and can army crawl anywhere - like to my toys. When she's next to a step she can pull herself up to a sitting position. She's really good at moving, but terrible at eating. Well, at least picking stuff up. When she drops her crackers I pick them up and hand them to her and she just holds her hands out to her sides and opens her mouth for me to feed her. Lazy baby. And she's learning that if she cries when mom puts her in the high chair that she can sit on moms lap and mom will feed her that way. 

Jacqueline, on the other hand, is a great eater. Are you surprised? Her trick is to cry when mom puts her in the car seat so she can have a cracker. These girls have mom figured out. She loves being able to feed herself - especially bananas and strawberries. On a similar note - she gets lots of baths in the kitchen sink after eating and I help - mommy is so lucky to have me. Jac also is a great sleeper - she sleeps through the night all the time! Blake still wakes up at least once, stinker. 

Sometimes I decide to share all on my own - I gave Blake a pancake: 

Mommy said to not share my food. That lady needs to make up her mind: share, don't share, give sisters love and kisses, don't hug sisters and lie on them. So confusing. Stella cleaned it up while mom went to get the vacuum.

Both of my sisters are sitting!

Even lazy Jacqueline. She's still so happy to just lie around - she tries to get up on her knees to crawl, but ends up just doing supermans and eventually just lays down to suck on her thumb. Or she rolls wherever she wants - which is hard cause sometimes she rolls onto hard toys and has to cry for mommy to come get her.

They both like to play with my toys, but they LOVE to steal one another's toys.

The wipes container is by far their favorite toy. Mommy often just gets out a new pack so they can both have a container to play with. Doesn't matter, they just want what the other has. 

Having two babies is so much fun. I like to jump for them and make them laugh and smile. Often mommy tells me to make one of them smile when they're sad and she is already helping the other one - I really am a good helper. 

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