This week: 04.20.16

Blake - "Gotta get somewhere"
Jac - "Mom's in the room - smile."

Where to start. I feel like I could have an entire post about today. Nothing significant. No, never anything significant.

We were out of diapers. I had to rummage through various bags to find a diaper for Wade. We had to go to the store. I go out with the kids all the time, but not when I HAVE to accomplish anything. And never when I have to purchase something big and bulky. I pushed the girls in the stroller, carried the two boxes of diapers in a huge IKEA bag and ushered Wade along through the store and parking lot. That little man was so good - he stuck with me the whole time, even if he was molasses slow. I had a few other things on my list and I just threw things in the bag, I haven't emptied my shopping bags yet - I still have no idea what's in there. It was a mad free for all.

*Warning, this next portion is about poop. Toddler poop. If you have an issue with that, we probably shouldn't be friends - but you can also just skip to the next paragraph*

We got home and Wade was complaining about "poot." I kept checking his diaper and figured out he was constipated. Poor little man. He kept laying on the floor with his bum in the air. I gave him prune juice (in a syringe, like medicine, cause that made it fun), put some essential oils on his feet and gave him a tummy massage. But all day he kept saying "Owie! Poot!"We even said a prayer. He prayed (repeating my words): "dear hebeny botter, peas hep poot, name jees cist, ame." It was tender, adorable and so pathetic. He woke up from his nap and it was obvious he was finally relieved - he was happy and you could see the damage immediately through his diaper. That log would have hurt an adult. He pooped 3 more times in the next two hours. By bedtime he was back to his old self.

*Okay, no more poop...in this post*

Wade washed a knife today. A big ol' serrated knife. He was washing his hands in the sink and washed one of the girls bowls and I didn't even think to check the sink for knives. But then I saw it in the dry rack. He did a really good job. Great parenting.

And this happened today:

I love everything in this picture. Ha, ha!

The girls have been trying more solid foods. This week we tried graham crackers - such a hit. I now have a layer of graham cracker dust covering my entire house. It's like a bomb went off.

Jac is a pro at eating. No surprise. She's getting good even with little food, like cheerios. Blake is terrible. I'll try to hand her something and she'll hide her hand and just open her mouth for me to put the food in. In the pic above she's crying cause she can't figure out how to pick up the graham cracker. She's been pounding down the food though, she's out eaten Jac numerous times this week. Crazy, I know.

Feeding girls is a group activity. Wade is the biggest distraction. They love him. Hierarchy goes: Wade, Mommy, Dada. Wade trumps all - if he's in the room, all eyes on him. That kid is going to have a complex.

How do little boys get so dirty?

We've been going on lots of walks. I love spring! Wade has to comment at each house on if their garage door is open or shut. Every. Single. House. And he can't just comment to the air, I have to acknowledge that this house's garage door is open. And that one's shut. And this one has one door open and one door shut. And then theirs the house that has their garage door halfway open for their dogs - causes great distress every time. He also has to close the garage door after Husband when he leaves in the morning (meaning I have to stand there in my bathrobe holding him while he waves bye bye to daddy) and open it when we go anywhere - which is nice cause he doesn't drag his feet to leave since he's so excited about the garage door. And Husband made the mistake this week of letting him use the car garage door opener/closer - so now that has to happen in the car each time too. And we clap and say yeah every time. People talk about how parenthood can be mundane and repetitious - they don't tell you how toddlers expect you to be thrilled about all the mundane and repetitious things. Ha, ha! I say that so grumpily, really it's the best. Looking forward to when all three kiddos want to shut the garage door and 2/3 will be crying cause it's not their turn.

We also find ourselves standing by automatic doors waiting for them to close a lot. We're really into open/closing doors right now. At the gym he's my helper and presses the handicap button for me and the stroller (seriously, twins is a sort of handicap), but he hasn't gotten that pressing the button doesn't close it, so every time I'm standing there telling him he has to stop pressing the button and I finally grab him and he's mad cause the door hasn't shut and then the door shuts and we clap and leave.

Wade's also into counting right now. I know we have 13 stairs.

Oh, and he's into pointing out letters when we read. Makes reading a very arduous process. But I guess he doesn't really care about the story line of one fish, two fish. He specifically likes to point out if there is an "s" or "no s" at the end of a word. Cause that's important...?

Look at this peanut (Blake)! In every other pic in this post you just see her crying, have a headband in her face and see her ruffly tush crawling away. So I had to add this cute one. Let's note all the wonderful things: two teeth, smile, just in a onesie cause it's been so warm, legs and arms chunking up, sitting up by herself. Both girls are at such a fun stage - it's fulfilling and I just want to watch every second.

We've been sleep training. Jacqueline is consistently sleeping through the night (!!!!!) and Blake is doing better, but still wakes up at least once most nights. Last night shewas crying for a long time right after I put her down. Husband finally went up (after almost an hour) and her legs were both stuck out of the crib. He snuggled her and she passed out on him in about three seconds. More parenting at it's finest.

Last week we did a little girls night and one friend did my make up and another friend took pictures. Dressing up and taking pictures?!?! That's my bread and butter! When I was three I came into my mom wearing an amazing outfit I put together (included a shiny sash and cowgirl boots), went over to the hearth, popped my hip, draped my arm over my head and said "take my picture."

So much talent (talking about my friends that did my hair, makeup and took the pics). It was a blast. She kept telling me ways to hold my head and giving such great posture tips. (For those of you who know her - is it just me or does the middle one look like Marissa?!?)

Also, I ate four cupcakes today. I think I'll end this post with that.

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