This week: 04.28.16

The week. Oh, this week. This sums it up:

Everyone is sick. Blake is the worst off AND getting two more bottom teeth. Plus side, my floor is clean - cause she threw up all over it...and me...and Jac. They all just have colds, not a stomach bug, but I think between teething and swallowing snot it upset her tummy. How's that for graphic?

While I was busy with sickies, Wade got bored of screen time and went exploring. That kid is so busy. Yesterday it felt like I had lived a whole week by 1:00 pm.

He found "canny!"

And now I have to rearrange my entire kitchen. Oh, and he discovered the knife sharpening rod thing and keeps finding it and carrying it around with him. That's safe... and how many knives did he pull out before he found the sharpening rod?!

He found some rocks. I'm not sure where. He's been playing with them for HOURS. Rocks and boxes. And you can see that he decided the broom needed to be part of his odd collection. (And that metal/leather thing on the left is a magazine rack I scored for $0.49!)

And he's been pushing his sisters around in this walker: 

It's adorable to listen to them laugh together. But it quickly deteriorated into Jac covering herself in plants and Wade pulling out the new house numbers I got. 

Good thing I was mid-vacuum and mid-laundry (from the early mentioned puke fest) when Jac initiated the dirt avalanche. The flowers are inside cause the weather cooled down this week, again. Will spring just get here and stay already? 

This last weekend Husband and I jumped into yard work! It's actually been pretty fun - and Wade loves helping (are you surprised?). Everything is starting to blossom and grow - so exciting. 

I bought plants. Husband bought lawn stuff. We're busy cleaning up the yard, pulling weeds and talking about our outdoor dreams. We pruned our apple tree and I stole some twigs for the table - they were little buds and blossomed into flowers right in our dining room, it was so cool. And I keep being tempted to cut some tulip stems to bring inside too - but I can see them right from my window and they bring a smile to my face every time. I might just plant 1000 this fall so I can have them outside, inside and bring them to friends next year.

All this time playing in my yard has been making me feel like my mom. When we took our last family pictures (here) I looked at the shots and felt like I was staring at her. I've been thinking about mother's day (I'll probably still get my card out late), linking in my mind my mother and my motherhood.  I smile when I find myself doing things as she did/does. Saying things that she would. I also find myself understanding her better. And I continue to think how grateful I am that this apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Ooo, and one last thought: I've went thrift shopping and the bug has bitten me. I want to go to all the thrift stores and all the yard sales! Found this chair for free on craiglist (I just threw fabric over it, I need to make an actual cover).

And then there's this AMAZING vintage rug. It might be the crowning jewel in my thrifting tiara (yeah, I'm insinuating that I'm the queen of thrift). I scored an embarrassingly large amount of other treasures - I've got a big house to fill!

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