Family Pictures: June 2016

It is getting harder and harder to selfie this family! I don't think Jacqueline is looking at the camera in a single shot - Wade and Blake barely are. I have heads blocking heads and Husband and I both have weird smiles in the best one of the kids. You can see the remote control in my hand in several shots...but, at least we have the images, right? I also got some shots for the girls 10 months - post here.

 This one is my favorite, solely based on that Wade/Blake handhold!

While none of these are great, I am so glad that I have them. I love looking back at family pictures we've done - makes my heart swell. I get all nostalgic looking at my littles grow. I want to capture as many memories as I can and I'm continuously trying to live in the moment, so even when I don't get a visual shot to remember (which is most of the time), I will know that I soaked up every bit of goodness from these days. When it comes to social settings, I don't really have FOMO (fear of missing out) - except with these kids! I'm totally nervous that I'm missing out on their moments! I know I'll look back and miss these days, but I want to be able to look back and whole heartedly know that I didn't miss out on them.

So, there's my reminder. I constantly need it. The reminder to put down my phone. Turn off the TV (for me and for the kids). Be patient with little hands that want to "hep." Read Moo, Baa, Lalala again. Play peek-a-boo and patty cake. These drooly smiles are changing daily. No missing out.

And then one of the original "us" being camera test subjects. What a stupid shirt to wear. And husband's socks. Ha, ha!

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