This week: 29 June 2016

Sometimes you just need to start out with a Cheerio head shot. 

Tonight Wade walked in and graced us with some stench. I asked him, "Do you want mommy or daddy to change your diaper?" Immediately he said mommy. Dang it.

I've started watching a friends 5 month old baby 1-3 times a week. This week was my first 3x week. All the babies are on the same schedule, so it's gone pretty smooth. But, also, I'm tired today! Plus Husband golfed yesterday and tonight we had the missionaries over for dinner. Long days, but a little extra money ain't so bad. Today when I came down from laying everyone down for their morning nap I found this:

That's Paly-Doh. When I went upstairs there was no Play-Doh out. I had actually told him no - but I think he heard, "Mommy can't she's busy, you do it." Reason #47 that I have an outdoor rug under my dining table. Oh, and the melt downs that happen when the Play-Doh inevitably falls down...they're a real treat.

I had a visit from one of my favorite families from my mission today! They have family in St Paul and stopped by on their way. It was so lovely to see them, but also weird cause their kids grew up. Funny how that happens.

Husband has been teaching Wade Portuguese. The other day I gave Wade a green fork (fork color now has to match plate color) and I said, "Here's a green fork." He corrected me and said "Verve fork." He also tell Husband "nao mas" a lot when he wants him to stop tickling or pestering him.

We've entered the bed time stalling stage. Lots of "back in bed, mister" being said around here. I start out sweet, then stern, then I have to pull out my 'batman voice' and say "Get in bed, now!" But I feel a little guilty having that be his last memory as he drifts off to sleep, so I usually add an, "I love you," still in my deep batman voice. Two nights ago Wade was still getting up at 10 (ugh); we were already in bed and I see the silhouette of the short stack holding up his finger and saying, "booger." That's a new one. I should point out that he woke up at 5:04am the next day.

Blake's been taking steps while holding onto furniture! She loves walking between the couch and ottoman. And figured out she can scoot the step stool in the kitchen - her face of surprise that quickly melted to pride was priceless!

She's also been climbing into/onto everything.

Jacqueline finally got up the two steps from the living room to the kitchen. She is so proud and loved the freedom to roam everywhere.

Yesterday both girls woke up from their nap, but Jac still looked exhausted, so I left her in her crib to see if she fell back asleep. She did and woke up at 6:30 when I was putting Blake back to bed! That poor baby has to sleep in the same room as her loud, screaming sister and was probably just so happy to sleep. I picture her every night just thinking, "Blake! Shut up!" Also, she went to bed for the night at 7:30 and slept for a solid 12 hours. I'm not saying I have a favorite....I'm just pointing out that I have one kid getting out of bed multiple times and waking up at 5am, another one who's been screaming for hours at night - even after I nurse her, and I have Jacqueline....

Jacqueline has to put up with so much. Yesterday she army crawled over to check out the baby I'm watching and the baby pulled her hair! Jac started bawling and I had to rescue her. Everybody picks on her!

I caught before and afters of Jac scooting in her high chair. She starts out away from the counter and gets herself nestled right up to it.

I've witnessed some interesting food sharing/stealing this week. Jac will steal Blake's food. Wade will give his unwanted food to Blake. Wade will steal Blake's food to give to the dog. Blake is so popular. Or maybe everyone knows to not come between Jacqueline and her food. 

The girls continue to find one another hilarious. They've been putting fingers in one another's mouths - thus far there have been no casualties. They've starting fighting over toys (especially our phones! People say three kids is hard cause they outnumber the parents, really they just outnumber our devices) and Wade often comes over and steals whatever toy they're fighting over. Way to keep the peace big brother, ha! 

Wade's been terrorizing Stella. That dog is not my favorite as of late, but I feel so bad for her. I keep putting her outside or holding her on my lap for a little safety. He chases her everywhere and throws her ball AT her (how do you stop a kid from throwing everything?!?!). He's started making tunnels out of the dining room chairs to trap her. Poor doggie. Thank goodness there are two babies for her to clean up after, otherwise she'd probably abandon us. They do play together well outside. Except Wade melts down when Stella gets her ball after he throws it....the kid doesn't quite understand fetch. 

I planted some seeds and started getting some sprouts last week! Turns out they were weeds that I let grow cause I wasn't sure what my seed sprouts would look like, plus I kind of forgot what I planted. But this week I really do have some sprouts that are what I planted! And I got a bunch of flowers on clearance cause they were missing their flowers (I figure I couldn't kill them much more than they already were) and they ALL have multiple blooms or buds on them. I am feeling so pleased! And I've cooked with basil from my garden 3x this week. Who knew my life was missing basil?

We took family pictures in our back yard by our apple tree - and I took 10 month shots of the girls.

I started clearing out the food storage closets in our basement, cause why not start a daunting project? The oldest stuff I've found (and thrown away) expired in 1998. I'm so excited to get stuff cleared - I lay awake at night planning out that basement. I plan to retile the bathroom myself! And I'm building a daybed sectional. It might be a total fail, but I think it'll be awesome.

We're also spending a lot of time game planning our...drum roll please...kitchen remodel! I told Husband that he could upgrade his fish tank when I get my knew kitchen - I knew this would move my kitchen up, and it totally did. The plan was to use the money for new windows, but we're going to get a new furnace and update the kitchen instead. The original plan was to do the windows now and the kitchen in 3-5 years, but we're just reversing the order! I am so excited. Between this and my basement dreams, I'm not sleeping!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Fourth of July! We'll be doing our usual - nap times and changing poop, we just get daddy home to help :). Enjoy!


  1. Hi there! I'm a new reader and from MN too! Looks like your youngest kids are about he same age too! I look forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Sarah! I know there are tons of people in MN, but I always love meeting someone from the same place as me! Thanks for stopping by! you should check out the Minnesota Bloggers (I think that's what they're called on Facebook) and come to our meet ups!