This week: 6 July 2016

Happy fourth of July week!

Sunday we went to our neighbors and lit stuff off - Wade thought they were "scary loud," but also thought they were cool...from inside the house. The next day he kept telling us about the fireworks on repeat, "Orange, green, pink. Scary loud. Fireworks. High in the sky!" In mixed variations. On the fourth we went to a friends pool during the day and everyone held the girls and Wade ate lots of popsicles and only wanted Daddy. 

That night we lit stuff off with our other neighbors, just traumatizing our first born. He thought the small ones were cool, until they moved - then he booked it away. But once we started big ones he wanted to "go back" and "nite nite." He loved playing with all the big boys and they all took great care of him, it was adorable. I loved sitting out with our neighbors, watching all our kids play, it felt like a movie from the 50's. 

The girls slept through everything. 

We've started getting a daily bounty of raspberries!!! I've been looking forward and dreading this time all year. The place is such a briar patch I have to put on long sleeves and pants every time I pick. And I discovered that we have some stinging nettle. This year I'm not taking on the task of canning or preserving anything - I'm just not up for it - but I wouldn't have much to do anyways, my kids can pound these berries down. 

Jac had to get every last bit - I love when they pull pieces out of their bibs, it's like they've discovered a treasure trove.

Blake mostly just mashes them. Oh Blake. 

I taught Wade to say "delicious," it comes out "licious," or sometimes "balicious." 

Jacqueline can finally get out of the sitting position! Up until now, if I wanted her to stay put I just sat her down - but she's finally figured out how to move!

When Wade's in trouble and I try counting I say, "one, two, three..." and then he'll say, "four, five, six..." And I have to send him to time out so he doesn't see me laugh. 

On the same vein, Wade's learned to say sorry. But he smiles and giggles while he says it. Or he says it while he's doing the wrong thing - mostly throwing things at Stella, he'll say sorry as he chucks it. Poor dog. He also rats himself out all the time. A baby will start crying and he'll tell me how he pushed the baby or hit the baby. But, at least the girls are learning to get back at him - hair pulling. That's how a 10 month old takes down a 2.5 year old. Course, he lays down between them, so he's asking for it. And he definitely deserves it. 

The girls discovered the play house! Wade had to get in there too and shut the door to trap everyone in. He's kind of a jerk. 

Wade's been playing tons of play-doh. He gets it out himself (along with popsicles, I put a lock on the fridge/freezer this week). Here he's talking about his "airplane, no helicopter. Helicopter high in the sky!" Isn't that one good looking play doh blob helicopter?! 

We tried potty training again this week. I lasted 5 hours. Both girls woke up with fevers, but I had pumped myself up and moved forward. Everyone says that kids will be so excited to put on big boy underwear - well Wade cried and followed me around with his diaper immediately. And he never peed on the toilet. About the time Wade peed in his fourth pair of underwear and Blake threw up I called it quits. I'm sure potty training guru's would say I'm messing him up or something, but something had to give. I got him stickers to play with (I was so prepared!!) and he loves them. So while he's still in diapers, at least now I have stickers stuck to my dining table....

Where am I? I feel like I keep telling stories about the things I walk in on - why am I not there? But I am! I leave for a few minutes and seem to always come in and find him making messes (today he was putting all the watermelon on to his plate, despite the fact that only half of it fit on) or pushing the girls or chasing/terrorizing the dog. Sometimes I am right in the room and he still goes crazy. Hey, grandma's, grandpa's, aunts, great aunt, family friends...mild acquaintances - you're welcome to come visit. My sanity would thank you. He's an absolute doll when we're out. Maybe I just need to be out always or have him strapped into his car seat. 

Today I ran out of milk so he got some post nap Sprite. I'm just glad I had Sprite so it's not an after nap Dr Pepper.  Seriously, I am killing it at this parenting thing. 

Now, off to bed, cause the first batch of littles have been waking up at 5:00! 

And, really, reinforcements...let me know the day, we're always available :). 

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