This week: 28 December 2016

My last entry of the year! This week has been happily busy - as I'm sure it has been for many of you. The big event has been that my sister came to town on Christmas Eve, which was way more exciting in the eyes of a certain three year old than Santa coming that night.

We started a new tradition with the Christmas Puffer Fish sugar cookie. Wade insisted we make use a flower cookie cutter that he deemed a puffer fish, and a tradition was born. We only made four and he was very particular on who go them. Consider yourself lucky if you saw one in your cookie bundle.

Sister and I went to Christmas Midnight Mass at St. Paul's Cathedral. The music, oh the music. An etherial choir singing with a huge pipe organ, full bells and a lovely number where crystal bowls were played. Sister sung many of the songs in pervious choirs, which made her love it all the more. At one part when the congregation was singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" I was singing the loudest I've ever song and I couldn't help but smile - I should find more reason to belt at the top of my lungs...always with full choir, pipe organ and 1000+ congregation. The only drawback would be that I'm still tired, even with Husband trying to shield me from kids in the early morning.

Christmas was delightful. Having kids who understand presents makes it so much fun. Now to help them understand sharing. Wade thinks all the things are for him, not surprising. I didn't get nearly enough pictures, but I did love being in the moment.

The Razor has been hidden. While the 3-year old is big enough for it, the two 1-year olds...several bruises inspired the hiding. 

When your sisters want to help you paint on your new easel. Your mom lets you paint on the table, making it all the more exciting.

Jac loves her flashlight and didn't care that other presents were opened afterwards. Wade was happy to open them all for her.

Blake carries around this little purse with her (unless brother has stolen it, of course!) all over. It came with a little bracelet that she puts on and has to hold her arm out in the most dainty fashion. I had a vision of her wearing plastic high heels and princess dresses, so excited for that day.

While I was getting ready for a date Wade came in and saw my earrings on the counter and started asking about them. I explained pierced ears and that they're called earrings because they go in my ears. His response was, "Sure, sure. That make sense." I don't know why this conversation tickled me so, but it did. The things that come out of his mouth are more and more enjoyable every day. Except the screams and whines; well, sometimes those too, I supposes.

Blake keeps giving herself really good hairstyles. This one is thanks to some peanut butter pomade.

Jac is utterly enamored with Aunt Lizzy. Aunt Lizzy is getting a workout from having to hold her so much.

Both girls have started snuggling more (especially Jac) and love cuddling with their blankets now. I just love it - course that means that I'll soon have two more beloved, nasty blankets that I have to sneak into the wash. In general they're being so adorable in showing you that they're ready for bed. Even if it means laying on the floor exactly where mom handed you your nighttime bottle.

Our windows are almost done and I am so excited for the end result, they're looking so amazing! a huge uplift to every single room in the house. And we can already feel that our house is holding heat better. Ready to do the post-project clean up, along with the holiday decor clean up.

Saying goodbye to 2016 and thinking of what a wonderful year it has been. Such a busy, yet beautiful, time of life. I feel truly blessed to be able to watch my children grow and able to follow advice (as best I can) to enjoy this time, for it will swiftly be gone. And it is going, isn't it? Another year upon us that will hold many more silly conversations, jubilant milestones, beautiful smiles, and, of course, tantrums. I am so excited for what this next year brings and pray that I can embrace it and be truly present. Happy last week of the year!

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