This week: 4 January 2017

Happy New Year! Everything is pretty much the same here. Aunt "Lizbit" went home but Wade still asks about waking her up every morning (actually, he didn't this morning). We're at the tail end of getting all new windows in (hurray!!), but looks like we have a few last hiccups with some broken seals (ugh!!). Both girls are a running low fevers which has them on the grumpy side and has turned my lap into quite the wrestling ring. 

This has been a much beloved playlet that Wade got for Christmas. Blake loves getting herself stuck, sliding down the ramp and getting her foot in the toy rock dump spot - she laughs and giggles until she gets mad and I get her out, just to do it again. I thought I loved it cause it was so big that it'd have to stay upstairs and Wade couldn't carry it down - well, he can't, but he can throw a big enough tantrum that I carry it down. But it's still so cool and everyone really loves it - as if my living room is void of toys anyway. 

Stella's been playing a little more with the kids. On occasion. She drops balls and toys for them to throw and lets them pet her. Wade decided to play tug-o-war with her. I'm sure it's super sanitary.

Turns out Blake really loves cares. Wade never cared about cars and their wheels, even know he rarely plays cars - his cool construction play set thing is mainly with his toy food, not cars. But Blake grabs cars all the time and zooms them around and tries making sound effects. She's also the one into carrying things around like a purse and putting on bracelets. Oh, and shoes. This week she keeps trying to put on her shoes or socks. This morning she put her bottle on her foot and tried walking around with it. I often put shoes on for her and she sort of prances around, so pleased with herself. Jac...Jac likes to sit on laps. And really likes trying to put things on her head - if I put a headband on her she pulls it right of, just to whine at me that she can't put it back on, I have to pretend to let her put stuff on her head and then she'll leave it. Kid independence is an exhausting illusion.

Finding Dory has trumped Cars this week. For about 20 whole minutes all three kids sat peacefully watching it together. 

Wade's eating habits. Yes, that's a bite out of every single slice. We have been setting timers for him to transition to meal time and sleep time - it's working amazingly well. He's started mimicking the timer as a song, he always say, "Mommy, timer going off, it go like dis: Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm," all while bobbing his head. He's so weird. And I really should grab a video, cause in written form no justice was done. He's also on a kick of things being "the biggest ever seen" and allows me to persuade him that eating will make him "the biggest Wade ever see!"

The girls discovered that there is a shelf in their room. 

Blake also has taken to carrying big things, she gets the proudest look on her face. She also says "hi." 

Husband discovered a place with a great month car wash. With it being so cold there has been a lot of salt on the roads, bleh. He got it for $10 for the month - the limit is 12x...and hour. He's jazzed, enough so that it felt warranted being put in here. Wade has also been talking about the carwash non-stop - it's the "biggest bathroom ever seen! With 4 red spinners that go (spins hands and occasionally body in a circle), and Blake didn't like and she go, waah, waah, waah. And it get our car aaaaallllll clean!" 

On New Years Eve a few of my friends threw a NYE party at my house and made it a joint 30th birthday party for me. It was perfect and so much fun! There were different activities and I had to pop a balloon to see what we would all do next. There was awesome decor, complete with a champagne glass tower (which really didn't work well). The food was delicious - there was a beet salad and a chocolate custard that I've been craving ever since. Only downside is that we didn't take enough pictures. 

Felt great ringing the new year with friends and Husband. I feel really excited about this year. I feel like I can focus on some dreams - maybe decide on some new dreams (I thought about some play on words about how now that I'm sleeping enough and dreaming at night maybe I could make some dreams come true during the day....trying to hard!). I feel like I'm in such a good place right now with so many things - marriage, friends, family, church - but I also feel excited to launch into more. Course, I'm also consciously making myself not take on too much this year, so that I can keep that happy balance. 

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