This week: 1 March 2017

Happy March! I'm back after a few weeks off. We all had colds, then we all had a stomach bug (that did a crazy number on my psyche! Wade was sick over a week and ended up in the hospital for fluids, Jac was sick just under a week, somehow Blake escaped it all. I would think everyone was fine, then someone would puke again. I genuinely cracked and Husband made me leave the house at one point cause I couldn't handle it. Anywho, I'm permanently damaged and living in constant fear of germs, so that's cool), then we went to California for a 10 day vacation!! You can read about California here, I just couldn't fit that all in one post.

Wade was so good at the hospital. A real champion. They put the IV in him and he didn't even cry. I was impressed and proud of my little sick boy. As the fluids pumped into him you could see him perk up and laugh at the shows he was watching.

Then he came home and slept like the dead:

Jac never really knew that she was sick (thank you Zofran!), she continued to be a goofball, occasionally getting grouchy and not eating as much. Blake got so bored being stuck home with everyone. At one point she was pretty grouchy and I was bracing myself for her to get sick, then I gave everyone some crackers and she stole them all and ran away to eat them - apparently everyone else's skimpy diet wasn't enough for her. Oops! 

Both girls continued (and continue) to give me heart attacks. We're working on a "no getting on the counter" rule, we'll see how that plays out. But they love standing in big chairs to eat off the table, but if they get on the table then they have to get strapped into their high chairs. Hoping it works, cause I don't love having all my chairs on the table and counters.

In Blake's boredom she found Husband's old game boy. She carried it around as her pride and joy for a few days and kept hiding it places. If you're ever missing something in my house, look in all the shoes and pots - I guarantee The Blake has stored it safely for you.

Before the flu that killed my soul, we went grocery shopping and Wade proceeded to make a tunnel out of boxes. This kid's imaginary play has taken off. He's always telling me about his dreams, setting up birthday parties, and has even started telling me lies (he's learned that if he says his tummy hurts then he can get out of anything).

This was one of his...kitchens? I think he was making me, the donkey's, and the babies some cupcakes? The one HUGE downside of his make believe is that he hoards all the toys and freaks out when sisters touch them or I pick them up. It's an awesome new development. Well, I guess it's not really new, but it's escalated. 

 Which has lead to a lot more meltdowns.

We've been having some frequent battle of wills around here recently. A battle of wills with a a three year old is insulting, and there really aren't any winners. 

Jac was a little more cuddly while sick, and would sit and read books with me for as long as I would sit. If she were my only kid, this flu wouldn't been a breeze. 

This is Jac watching Frozen. It's her favorite. Those hands behind her back, so adorable. She also dances to the songs, it's priceless. 

Then there's Blake. These pictures were taken moments apart. She figured out how to take this outfit off. Time for this to go into the giveaway pile - helps that I can barely fit Jac into hers. 

In her boredom, Blake also rediscovered the dog food. And, of course, put it in her shoe. 

Now we're back and Blake has a pretty good cold and our basement freezer turned off while we were gone, so back to our normal crap. It feels like someone has been sick since October in our house, Husband said I was exaggerating, then we recapped and realized it was pretty accurate. That, along with the dark and cold of winter, I've started having some anxiety. While everyone was sick I had a bit of an attack, it was weird - I've never had one before. It was scary, I felt overwhelmed, stretched a mile passed too thing, all with an irrational element that wouldn't let me get a handle on it. I don't want that to be my reality. It's made me prioritize and now I'm making sure to get my essentials in - prayer, scriptures, meditation. I need those things. I've recently read a series of talks by President Hinckley about positivity and optimism, one simple phrase has stuck out to me, "Keep trying. Be believing. Be happy. Don't get discourages. Things will work out." It gave me such strength. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, God will help, just keep going. I feel so dramatic that a flu is what broke my spirit - I've done hard things! I kept telling Husband that I would gladly take the first month after having twins over the month we had (prior to vacation, of course). When I felt like I was going to fall apart (again) I would repeat, "Things will work out." And they did. It didn't help that I knew we were flying on Friday (which stresses me out too) and it felt like a deadline that the illeness kept pressing up against. But I got rewarded with a great trip (even though we're soooo tired! Keeping up with kids in different locations is tough stuff) and we had so much fun. So, even as the garbage, that is apparently our reality, continues, I feel like I've learned some tools that will help me be happy now.

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