This week: 15 March 2017

Wade's been playing with a a new game and today he got up from his nap to find the girls had gotten to it. They'd ben playing quietly with it for a while, but then he runs to find me and tells me that his sisters made a big mess of his game. I told he could just pick it up. He complains that he doesn't know how (typical) and I tell him that he does, and to just go start cleaning up. He leaved the room and comes back and we have this conversation:  
Wade: I need a wet rag.
Me: Why? 
Wade: To clean up big mess. 
Me: You don't need a rag to clean up your game. 
Wade: But what bout the dirt?
Me: Dirt?!?! 
Went into to find the girls were playing with his game in my plant. The only plant with in their reach that they've left alone until now. I'm sure Blake was the one who started it. I just know it. And poor Wade, trying to think of how he could clean up the big mess. 

Everyone had to get striped: 

Wait, this picture isn't from the dirt incident. This is from the morning when they covered everything in steel cut oats. Steel cut oats are my nemesis! It goes everywhere. Just everywhere! 

Wade just came out of his room and I tucked him in again and laid on one of his stuffed animals - he freaked out cause I messed up his circle. Sure enough, his stuffed animals were in a perfect circle for him to sleep in. 

Husband continues to be abused whenever he's home. Wade calls ii "playing lion" but we're not entirely sure if he's saying "lion" or "Bryan." Blake always manages to fall off, the other two hold on for dear life for whatever the ride entails. 

Jac has been trying to talk to me. It's just jabber, but she's really trying. And getting frustrated. But she wants to communicate so badly. 

The girls continue to eat at the table and playing musical chairs around the table during dinner. It's proved a good method to get Wade to eat his food, otherwise his sister's will get it. Tonight they did and he was so devastated. But, dinner was also a hit. My friend taught me how to make really good fried rice - it was good enough to make my picky three year old devastated over not getting to eat it. I did give him more. 

Rice also gets everywhere. 

We had some gorgeous (windy) weather last week and we all played outside. Ever since California my girls have realized that outside exists and they want to go out all the time. Blake brings me her shoes with high hopes multiple times a day. So they were elated to be outside for a bit. Now we've got snow again, but I am so excited for summer! Course, I assume there will be lots more issues like this: Sister standing on slide, brother wanting to push toy down the slide - neither using the slide correctly.

Then the snow came back. But, winter is still at it's tail end.

This is Wade making a face like Simba on the Lion King.

Husband's aunt brought over her kids old tinker toys and lincoln logs. Everyone loves them. Blake keep getting two pieces put together, getting excited, then somehow smacking herself in the face. Wade loves sorting the pieces....obviously.

Husband bought a golf cart this week. I really have no comment. Except the kids think it's the coolest!

Wade's been singing "the wheels on the bus go crazy!" 

Blake hit me in the head with a toy. I said ow and told her not to, then she looked right at me and hit me in the head again. That girls drives me crazy! But Wade rushed over to give me kisses, then Jac followed suit. What little saint babies are these?!?! Not Blake, of course, she's a bit of a devil. 

I forgot to write a few things that Wade said when he was sick. He kept telling me "I just wanna be fine!" or crying "there no use" after he would throw up. It was painfully adorable. Made me feel just pathetic and useless. 

I read a book this week, Attachments, and stumbled across this amazing quote, "I like to pray for things that seem possible. There are so many things that I pray for that seem almost too big, even for God. It's rewarding to pray for something that might actually happen. It keeps me going. Sometimes, I just pray for a bumper crop of zucchini." Now, I believe that nothing is too big for God, but I also think I'll pray for a bumper crop of zucchini's. 

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