This week: 22 March 2017

 The girls figured out how to wave and say "bye-bye" today. We've been saying bye lots and lots. I think this counts as their first official words! I'm all giddy over the adorable-ness of it all. Makes up for these moments:

I think they're crying cause I turned the water off. Wait, no, the water is still on. Maybe cause I washed their hair? I have no idea. Like they need a reason. The smiles and tears often come in unison. 

They've been into all shenanigans. Just all over the place. Currently there is (clean) laundry carpeting the better part of the upstairs from them pulling clothes out of baskets, their drawers and my closet. Thanks ladies. Husband couldn't find his belt this week, Blake had walked off with the pants his belt was on and we found them both in the play room. 

This camp table has been a big hit. It's in our front room, cause we're classy camping-furniture-in-the-formal-sitting-room kind of people. It can be climbed on and tipped over to be...well, a tipped over table. 

 And a Costco trip is such a treat - while there and when we get home. Sitting on the flattened apple sauce box, playing with the empty dishwasher detergent box, climbing the Kleenex's, AND this trip yielded a diaper box that is now floating (occasionally being thrown down the stairs) in an obnoxious manner.

People who don't have an entourage of little people probably don't realize that appliances have a "lock" feature. Thank goodness. I didn't realize this when Wade was this age and we had water constantly on the floor in front of the freezer. I don't think these girls have ever seen us use the water or ice from the freezer, yet they play with this constantly. 

They both got into my plant dirt again (twice today cause they could sense my headache), ate a tube of kid toothpaste, found knives from the dry rack on the counter (why did they go straight for the knives?), ate a substantial chunk of PlayDoh, emptied multiple tissue boxes, unraveled and rewound half a roll of toilet paper, and successfully removed all the DVD's from their cases. And Jac managed to bite her tongue and give herself a black lip. I swear I'm an attentive parents.

Wade also managed to get himself into his fair share of pickles this week too. He's been really whiny, so I've been ignoring him and giving him time to work things out on his own. One morning I heard him crying and he would not let up (not unusual), I finally went and checked - he'd successfully gotten into the crib, but couldn't get out. He never figured out how to climb out of a crib, my girls haven't either....hang on, I need to go knock on some wood. 

All three kids have been playing together a lot more. I manage about 5 minutes of milk and movie time at least once, sometimes twice, a day. 

Jac and Wade are legit playmates - Wade is always saying that he wants to play with Jac. Blake is still often doing her own thing, but often becomes the ring leader. She starts getting into something and then the others come find her and get into stuff too. Even when it's crazy, I really love that they are all starting to play more. For some reason they all thing it's hilarious when they push each others stomachs. I don't get it, but the giggles are great. And Jac can take anyone down, her tactic is much like a lion taking down a gazelle - it's effective. 

Outside is the absolute best place to be. So excited for spring! Course, spring did bring me a huge migraine that I've been fighting all week, but I'll still take it. Wade built a snowman "like Olaf" with the little remains of snow. He asked for a carrot for the nose, which he ate. And the girls just happily ate the snow. They all hate me every single time I make them go inside. Much weeping and wailing and such. 

I tried to be a fun mom and do paint with everyone. It was a success. I'd say a solid 30 minutes of enjoyment, then I left them on the table and they played with them for a couple of days. This success lead me to trying PlayDoh with the girls that lead the afore mentioned PlayDoh eating. 

Everyone is very attentive when Daddy leaves and comes home. 

Speaking of Daddy, this week was his birthday! He's 28!! What a baby, I keep asking him how old he is cause I think it in my mind, then think, "he's not that young!" Ha, ha! he bought himself a golf cart last week and some new lights for his aquarium - the man knows how to throw himself a birthday! Wade sang him happy birthday (he wouldn't let me sing with him, "no mommy, let me do it, just me") and was sure to include himself in the song, he apparently has realized there's a connection between being the birthday boy and getting cake. 

We watched some march madness this weekend with some friends and Jac made a BFF. It was to die for cute. Blake won over the sister and it just warmed my heart. And any time my girls wind someone around their fingers mean that I get to sit. That's it, just sit. It's amazing. 

Everyone's been so busy that naps have been good this week too. Occasionally not waiting until their beds to start. This picture is after church - nursery is a lot of work! Probably because they were busy throwing tantrums the whole time and making sure that Daddy didn't leave. We'll get there, someday. 

Beyond cleaning (and ignoring) messes, I've been working on slowly spring cleaning all the weird spaces - my hoarding closets and junk drawers. The girls have been helping me know what to clean by what they show me they can now get into. I get so much satisfaction from organizing and simply throwing things out! It also help me prioritize what I purchase too - I have to think if something is just going to end up in the junk drawer then in next years spring cleaning trash. I've also been working on my prayers. I'm trying to make them more meaningful and purposeful...and trying not to fall asleep or get interrupted by kids during them. Morning prayers have been hard for me since having kids, but with my active (nerve-pouncing) kiddos, I need my morning prayers. So I've started giving the girls their morning bottles and then hitting my knees instead of climbing back into bed for a couple of useless minutes of shut eye. Just making the effort and carving out the time has already made an enjoyable difference. Course, yesterday, for the first time ever, the girls kept throwing their bottles out and crying - being little devils and thwarting my good efforts! Ha, ha. But an interrupted prayer is better than no prayer at all. Is that really all I've got going on? Cleaning drawers and saying prayers?! Ha! For everything there is a season. That's my mantra. 

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