This week: 7 June 2017

These three amigo's. Partners in crime (and fights). Currently our daily routine includes screaming matches (the fun kind...until Wade decides they're done and sisters don't stop), dancing/jumping parties, going to a park (Wade often says "I just wanna do something!" poor, bored kiddo), races, head butting challenges (I say, "no more head butting!" way too frequently), and eating and eating and eating. Everyone is having a huge growth spurt (hurray good sleep!). And loving summer - so many tan lines on everyone. 

All three kids have decided that they want to hold each others hands walking in. I am a mother duck with all her little ducklings in a row. We're the cutest and I know it. 

Sometimes you have to yell out the (closed) window with your siblings. 

We discovered Chick-Fil-A has free breakfast on Tuesday and Thursday - so you know where we've been hanging out! Unfortunately we're an obvious mama duck with her little ducklings, so they know we're cheap mooches. 

Friday night I went out on the lake for my friends birthday - I felt like a teenager! No kids or husband, hanging out with my friends. While I love my life, it was so much fun. I even tried the surfing behind the boat and actually got up (for maybe 2 seconds - still counts). It was so fun that the next day I braved the beach with all three kids, by myself. We had a blast. Everyone loved the little waves that the boats made - Blake bravely let them touch her toes, while Jac charged into the water with confidence. We played in the water and sand. Ate sandy rolls and yogurt - um, yuck. And I fried my back, while my kids just got tan. Summer is just such party. The huge post-fun naps don't hurt either. 

Oh, wait, I feel like now is a good time to mention the devastating news that Wade no longer takes naps. It's a real life tragedy. And there's apparently a cap on how many hours in a day that he can go without getting into serious mischief. So far this week he's found and eaten 3 packs of Pez, a bag of skittles (he ate half and "sorted" the rest), and a snickers - luckily not all on the same day. He is mostly good at having some quiet time in his room or joining me while I work outside - but I no longer have any kidless time during the day. Told you, devastating tragedy. And this is what 5 pm looks like without a nap: 

 I found Jac sitting on the potty yesterday, so I took off her diaper and she peed! Now it's her favorite pastime - although it hasn't been productive since. But, I guess we're potty training! I mean, sort of. For a while she's been building forts for herself to poop in (get under the table and pull all the chairs in around her or surrounds herself with pillows). I also got out the little potty training potty - which Wade was not okay with the girls sitting on, so during nap time he took a huge dump in it, little butthead.

Blake also scored some underwear time - which she used to sit in my flowers and pee. So, that's cool. This feels like such a 'bigfoot sighting' kind of a picture to me, haha. She started physical therapy for her legs this week - turns out she has a weak core and hips, so we're learning all kinds of exercises to do with her. She loves it, we basically go play and she gets one on one time - really two on one time, cause she gets mommy and the physical trainer all to herself. I feel like she's already improving too! 

Wade scraped his knee last week and was obviously dramatic about it. He wouldn't straighten his leg and would tell me "Mommy, I walking. I doing it. I just need to go really slow." His preschool teacher had to call me cause he was being so pathetic about it, she had to make sure he was actually all right. 

Jacqueline has been saying "bebe" about her baby doll! Words are coming! Cause right now she just points and shrieks...at everything. Blake still just shrieks. No pointing. They've both been folding their arms for prayers - just int he last week they've learned and grown so much.

More girls mischief. This pop up tent has been their favorite - yet the can never just let it stand up. No, never. It gets forced through  doorways and up/downstairs. Just realizing, I'm actually amazed at how few tears have been shed thus far. Just jinxed it, I'm sure.

And here is why I didn't post last week: 

Husband and I got to see a preview of Wonder Woman. Night out. No kids. Free drink, popcorn and movie. And the movie was really enjoyable. Such a fun night. I would definitely recommend the movie. Unless you end up hating it, then you didn't hear about it from me.

I've been running ...regularly. First time since having kids. I've been getting up in the morning before kids - something about losing the afternoon quiet time has made me get my butt in gear to have some me time in the morning. It's feeling great. I even did a hill work out last week - I work out enough to have specific work outs!

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