This week: 9 August 2017

We're sick. All of us. Well, not Husband. And somehow I am the sickest. It's a dirty little virus that has us all holding a fever around 100. The kids are just a little more irritable and more tired, while I am coughing my lungs up and using up all the tissues. I managed to lose my voice on Sunday - completely gone.It's starting to come back, but Wade still has to sing goodnight songs to me cause I can't croak anything out to him.  Oh, and Jac developed pink eye that she was kind enough to share with Wade and I. Week keeps getting better. So, the kids have been having lots of screen time. 

The girls have started actually watching movies for decent stretches! Woohoo! It has been such a  blessing this week to give me a second to rest and so that they can rest their sick little bodies too. Blake will be mid-play when she gets hooked on a show, she will just stand like a statue, eventually sit and then end up leaning. Today she even snuggle don me for a solid 10 minutes, I've never gotten any kind of snuggles from her before, it was awesome. 

 The girls have decided that they enjoy bath time. They've never laid down in the bath before this week, if I ever tried showing them that it was fun they would flail and freak out, certain that I was trying to drown them, I'm sure.

You'd never guess that this peanut had just thrown up: 

She just coughed too hard and swallowed too much phlegm. But that cheesy face, kills me. She's about 95% better, but decided to cut a tooth too. It's been a regular party around here.

Blake is feeling totally fine now. Today she figured out that she can pull out the shelf that I store the stool on and she can reach the peanut butter. I kept the stool here specifically for this little girl, to keep her out of everything, course she figured out how to make stools out of everything. Guess I can officially stop storing it in the cupboard, doing more harm in there. Blake is my best at unscrewing lids too, even better than Wade. I found her with her entire hand in the peanut butter, which she took out and showed me, beaming with pride.

Everyone was stir crazy and feeling well enough to get out to play, but it had just rained. While everyone was feeling okay, they weren't well enough to be around other kids, so an indoor play place wouldn't be very fair to the rest of the world. So we braved a park. I brought towels to dry of slides, didn't matter, cause they still got soaked. Especially at the end when they swam in some puddles. 

It was just what all these littles needed. 

Okay, I'm going to go lie in bed and cough all night. Told ya, straight up party. 

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