This week: 23 August 2017

I just got chastised for singing Twinkle, Twinkle instead of the requested Sprinkle, Sprinkle. Thus Sprinkle, Sprinkle Tasty Cupcake was born. I have a feeling it's going to be a regular...hopefully I remember it tomorrow. Wade has also been conning me into singing him more songs by letting me sing half a song, then telling me that's not the song he wanted and I have to sing a new song. Clever kid. 

We had Husband's family in town all week. Lots of fun. I'm working on a post with lots of pictures in it. 

Jac has reached a whole new level of ....being her own person. We'll go with that. She has to carry my backpack/purse everywhere. Needs to pull the wagon on walks. 

And when the other kids need to get into the wagon, then I have to talk her into holding Stella's leash to avoid a meltdown. Well, there usually is still a meltdown, but a quick one, cause the dog leash is almost as good as the wagon. 

She's also been waking up at night with night tantrums. Everyone I talk mention it to says that it sounds like night terrors, except she's awake and calms down immediately, but when you leave she'll cry and cry. She'll go more than an hour, and I know her - she's just mad! We've brought her into our bed and she'll just play. I've ended up climbing into her bed a few times and she jabbers to me while I try to keep sleeping. One night she settled in, sucking her thumb while facing me and then started to play with my face - for how annoying it's been, there have some wonderfully sweet little moments. But her night tantrums pretty much sum up how's been recently - a little bit of a stink butt. But I think she's just ready to be big girl - she hates that I stop her from doing big girl things. So, we've started potty training (so far, 5 accidents between the two girls and zero successes. But we did start today after naps, which is a stupid time to start. But tomorrow, we're really jumping in, cause we have no diapers) and this weekend we're going to switch them to big girl beds! This might be a bad idea, but I think they're ready and will love it. 

Speaking of big girls, both girls have been talking up a storm! And I can actually understand a lot of what they're saying - sometimes even out of context! Blake especially has all the important words - cookies, cupcake, papa. They've both just become little kids instead of big babies, when did that happen? They do turn two on Saturday. Whoa. 

One more things about potty training that I don't want to forgot: Blake is thrilled that her butt is free. She keeps walking around with her hands on her bum and when we put a diaper back on her she had a very put-out disposition. 

A few quick cousin pictures: 

Yelling at all the teenage mutant ninja turtles (duh). Making a 1/2 mile walk last 45 minutes. 

And then look at these cute hugging cousins. They were saying bye, not that I think either of them really got what that meant. Wade sure loves when his cousins come tow visit. 

Speaking of cousins - we had this great facetime chat with Lily Jo: 

Wade's been really into checking his teeth after brushing his teeth - likes to see how clean they are. 

Blake things that she fits anywhere - and I suppose she doesn't NOT fit: 

Girls also upgraded from bottles to sip cups. Blake continuously has to talk to ma about her "bottle," she thinks she's so cool!

Tonight for young women's we built hexagon shelves. Made all the girls do at least a few cuts on the chop saw and they all did really well. When we planned it one of the girls said, "oh man, you're awesome." They were all so excited that I said we could use power tools and that I think it's important for them to learn. But, I didn't get a picture of anyone using the saw. Dangit. But I did get some pictures of them putting them together, they turned out really well. 

I came home and Wade was so complimentary, "wow mommy! You did such a good job. This really good!" Then he immediately took it, made it a tunnel, then said it needed to be a race track. He, no joke, took it bed with him. 

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