This week: 25 October 2017

Took the cribs down. The girls are sleeping on a mattress topper. But getting lots of pictures like these: 

I especially like this one that has a Sasquatch Blake sighting. 

The girls have adjusted to their bed well. I love going in to see them in different positions - Blake is quite the mover. Jacqueline has gone back to having her night tantrums, ready to be done with that cycle, but at least I can just go lay with her in her bed now (which is probably encouraging the behavior). The little squirt is actually up with me right now cause I couldn't just lay with her anymore - and she keeps farting, so maybe that was keeping her up tonight. The biggest downside is that Blake used to wake up and fuss for a minute and then fall back asleep, well now she wakes up a little and finds herself standing and crying and then wide awake...so naps aren't very long now. 

Wade came and got me during his quiet time this week and told me that he made something very beautiful: 

Apparently it a smiley face. It really is very beautiful. He also continues to maneuver his squash around the house (and sort them, of course): 

He is so proud of his squash. We've been giving some to people and Wade always has to be a little coaxed into sharing. I made some delicious squash soup and I showed him every step of the way that it was his squash, but he still had no interest in trying such things.

We've had a rather rough week (a lot of trying to keep my kids entertained long enough so I could get stuff done, and them not being entertained very long so then I'd try to distract them elsewhere - on repeat) and we ended up needing an afternoon Target toy section visit. It was a success. Per usual. And I could start thinking about Christmas. All I have figured out is that Jac needs an Elsa doll. And no one is getting one of these riding toys (they need to stay at the Target play place).

I've been working (again) at cutting out Dr Pepper, but when I got a free drink, I obviously had to get some. But I really didn't drink much, cause the kiddos decided that I should share. Them telling me to share is always a kicker.

We went to the corn pit today. I brought my camera and took too many pictures. It was the most fun we've had all week. Everyone is just having a crabby time, and I took on too much this month and was spread too thin to adequately deal with all the crabbiness. Last night I was getting ready to go down to the basement to work on stuff when Wade asked me to come play ring around the rosies - my first instinct was to say no, cause Daddy was already playing with them, but I said yes and it snapped me out of my own crabbiness. We played ring around the rosies and duck, duck, goose - where we learned that the girls know how to say duck! So today we went and had fun and it was delightful. 

These two (the one above and the one beneath) are my favorites that I caught today.

Jacqueline taking down Blake. Haha. 

Then we had to move from the corn pit to the straw (that was so soft! But I kept finding pieces of it poking me all day) where Wade was VERY busy building a straw house. 

This afternoon I handed over all of the wedding stuff I created for a friends wedding. It was so fun (but definitely too much! I "handled" it all fine, but realized that when I do that much then I don't enjoy my children, which is stupid cause they're my favorite), but felt good to hand it off! Here's her bouquet I made: 

I made her bouquet, 5 for her bridesmaids, 10 corsages and 13 boutonnieres. Plus 12 portable PVC poles with bases to hang lights from. It was a busy month. I could tell that Husband was bugged a few times for how much I did (understandable) but I pointed out to him that I got to use some of my talents and work on creating something beautiful and it didn't cost us a dime! He was more okay with the whole situation after that. And now I'm feeling blessed because our Halloween costumes are coming together really quickly.

I've continued to take pictures, I've now done three sessions where I've made money!! And I am just enjoying it more and more. I'm also already craving a few equipment upgrades, uh-oh.

Well, I better go get this little girl to bed. She somehow stole my phone and opened it so she could watch her videos. Sneaky little thing. She also has some pretty remarkable bed head at the moment - a bed tantrum will do that to ya.

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