This week: 1 November 2017

Happy November! First things first: HALLOWEEN! 

We were Trolls. I don't have a single picture of Husband's feet (wearing socks without shoes!) and the girls never let me connect their hair - but we were all adorable and and my kids wore their hair with adequate candy bribes. As I was making everyone's costumes, I thought, "WHY?!" I tried the putting the kids hair on and they hated it, but, luckily they all loved everything the night of. And, lets be honest, I could never NOT got all out. 

Jacqueline ended up needing her hat on under her hair.

Wade bawled cause I accidentally poked him in the eye - he kept telling me about it for the next 3 days, saying how I poked him all the way to his back and I shouldn't do that again cause it hurt. 

Okay, and now we have too many pictures of Blake cause she was ridiculous disaster with her suckers and donuts, which requires picture overload, obviously. 

I didn't get a single picture on actual Halloween, but we were under coats anyway. Jac would happy scream every time she got candy, just the happiest screech ever (we loved it, but perhaps good that people only heard it once) and she said trick or treat and thank you! Wade was a rockstar and really understood the whole trick or treating thing this year. Blake ran up and down every driveway gleefully with her arms thrown open, just embracing the freedom of running around outside at night and getting handed candy. 

Wade also figured out all about sorting the candy - is that innate in all kids? Sorting the spoils? Course, it is Wade, sorting happens regardless. 

We also had an intense scavenger hunt couples Halloween party. Our team was the pink ponies and we totally won! Oh, and I totally dyed my hair blue/purple/pink (it'll wash out) and my young women think that I'm the coolest (which, I"m going to pretend that they already thought that). 

 The girls "helped" me get ready for the party. Motherhood really teaches you to dread "helpers." They got thrown in the bath afterwards, which they loved, and then I could finish getting ready without their "help." Also, Blake has been having the cheese face!

 On Sunday Wade was busy during his quiet time (per usual) and apparently blocked himself out of his room and was too tired to get back in? I don't know, but he took a three hour nap on the floor - even through his sisters waking up and crying inched from him.

With it cold outside we're going a little more stir crazy (winter is going to be long), so we've been playing lots more duck, duck, goose and hide and seek. And Daddy introduced everyone to the wheelbarrow. 

The Halloween decoration made it until Halloween and then Wade decided he needed to play with them...and that Jac and Blake should play with him too, whether they wanted it or not. 

Jacqueline graduated from calling me mama to mommy! And Blake somehow grew taller than Jacqueline! Blake is also part cat - always in a box or sink - this is her new favorite place to sit while I get ready...or rather, whenever she sits here then I decide I might as well get ready. 

Nap time continues to be a ridiculous time. But, I'm learning that they play happily for a while and then I can go sit in there and they'll lay down and fall asleep. It lets me get a solid 2.5-3 hours without them, it's amazing. And here Jac is letting my know that she has poop - which has been another regular this week, pooping right after nap time begins. I think she might be lactose intolerant, so going to attempt some diet changes to see if she feels better. 

Wade's quiet time has been fruitful this week - he keeps making me beautiful things, including this wonderful bouquet of flowers that I had to smell, and then he told me they don't smell, cause they're really just straws (in case I didn't know that!). 

We finally had a good freeze this week and I dug up all my non-hearty bulbs. So excited to see the 4 dahlia's I planted turn into a mountain! I'm going to have dahlia's EVERYWHERE next year. 

And, cause I enjoy decorating too much, here's some of my Halloween decor: 

And then I did this fun table scape (with all of Wade's squash - they kept getting moved from room, but he was pleased with the idea of them being on the table, in the center of attention). Oh, and the stick I found in our yard and have been drying in the garage all summer. 

My kids immediately started playing with everything. Which, I pretty much made it an invitation. 

Last week I handed off all the wedding stuff I worked on (felt so good to have it out of my hands!) and the wedding was last Saturday and went LOVELY! Or, so I heard, it was in Utah - I'll take pictures of my creations during the MN reception. I finished everyone's Halloween costumes and made pony costume stuff. And I've done a few more photo sessions! Busy week, but glad for the stretch. Now onto Christmas presents. Oh, and I'm hosting a craft night in a few weeks. But that's the last of my craziness for awhile, I promise! Oh, and I'm making just a bouquet for a friend too. Haha, I just can't not share! 

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