This week: 8 November 2017

Today I think was the bottom of my motherhood barrel. Absolute bottom. It started with my girls waking up at 5:45 am and pulling their dresser over and breaking it. Add that to the hexagon shelf they broke yesterday and the mirror they pulled off the day before. Then we really bottomed out around 9:00 am - nothing specific, just a lot of independent, yet extremely needy, toddlers. But it went up from there and turned into an okay day. Course, it's after 9:00 pm and my girls are still screaming in their room. Day in the life.

This was Sunday after a three hour battle. They finally fell asleep with the light on.

But then there are lots of these moments (dressing my kids cute is seriously for their own wellbeing).

Wade started preschool today! After I tried to take a picture and he couldn't hold still, he was too excited to show me all the things he had made:

He said his favorite part today was making his balls picture - it had foam sports balls all over it and he said he made it for daddy - he was so excited to show it to him when he got home. He also made me a beautiful monster truck for me today out of tinker-toys, he told me all about the engine - he's been watching Magic School bus and has been really into how things work, or at least making up what's going on in the things he creates.

Everyone got new coats this week (and boots) - but not before we all went outside a few times in a mishmash of Wade's old stuff to rake leaves. Nothing like dressing in full winter gear for leaf raking. The first time everyone hated getting all dressed up, but after that they figured out that it means going outside and they are all for it!

Jacqueline has been my biggest frustration this week. She runs away from me constantly (she's started wearing a leash) and throws tantrums endlessly. But she's also the sweetest, giving kisses and hugs and cuddles. Especially with babies. Oh, this girl LOVES babies, perhaps more than phones - and she is so sweet and gentle with them. Luckily my bff has a baby right now for JacJac to love on. 

Blake has been talking up a storm. No real words, of course, but she's my best communicator, she points and jabbers. Yesterday she hit her lip on the stair and when I was holding her she pointed at the stair and her lip and jabbered in such a mad ton about how the stair hurt her lip.

Girls got their mattress this week! We just got it into their room today and they were so excited to nap on it (apparently not sleep on it for night time though). This week it's my goal to get their headboard in too - somehow counteracts the slow demolition of the rest of the room. I picked up the mattress off of craigslist (of course, feeling a little nasty about a second and mattress from a stranger, but it was a clean house and I covered it with a plastic cover - something everyone should do to kid mattresses, cause kids are gross) and the couple had a bunch of leftover yard sale stuff - including 4 nerf guns they sold me for $5! All 4 for 5. Ones a crazy machine gun and another shoots like 10 at a time. They're so cool and our kids love retrieving the dart - which we now own over 100 of, they're going to be everywhere.

Yesterday I turned my head too fast while I was standing up in my closet and I smacked it on the doorframe - why does stuff like that happen? I'm a full grown adult! And it wasn't like a little off - my world perception was a good 3 inches off and I smacked it so hard. I have the biggest lump on my forehead - and I'm learning that I apparently touch my forehead a lot.

I'm in the middle season 2 of Stranger Things and in the middle of a show on PBS called Poldark (mom, pretty sure you would like it!). And I've been busy making mini-pie for work. And I have two photoshoots on Saturday. There is an end in sight, and pretty sure it'll help my with my whole bottom-of-the-motherhood-barrel thing. Okay, so maybe the tv I'm watching doesn't belong on my busy list, but this was the paragraph about my week.

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