This week: 15 November 2017

 We have a new Sunday afternoon activity. Coloring all over the table was a huge hit! Sometimes I go over to friends houses and they have art supplies just out for their children to color all over the walls and floors with whenever they want - at least that's how my kids would see it (the girls did color on the tile and on a chair), but the means that they haven't had lots of coloring time, this makes up for that. Wade was working hard and told me he wrote his name, then looked at it and said, "um, that not my name." Which it wasn't, but it was letters!

Wade seems to be in another one of those stages where he's just a new kid, doing big kid things, and transforming daily. He's always making something beautiful in his room, this is one from this week:

And he really cares about his room being all clean - one evening I told him that a friend was coming over and he immediately told me he needed to go clean his room. We've been working on cleaning up the toy room more regularly (like...ever) and the other day he said, "one, two, three kiddos, help clean up!" Apparently I say that a lot. Today he decorated for Christmas with his toys - I'm excited to let him pick out come actual Christmas decorations and do what he wants in his room this year. Last year he would talk all about pineapples and the bees in our Christmas trees - I never really knew what gave him that idea, but he started talking to me about it again today, such a good memory, even for his weird, made up, stuff. These are his decorations: 

Everything is dangerous, disgusting and embarrassing right now. Not that he's embarrassed easily, he's not really using the word correctly, but every random thing is "so embarrassing." Today he sat on Blake and farted on her. I about died laughing. Then he got off and continued to fart, Blake continued to cry cause instead of rescuing her I continued to laugh - I laughed so hard that Wade had to tell me to stop laughing. I cannot help that condoned this behavior - farts are funny. 

On a similar vein - Wade went poop and told me, "That's been hurting me all day! Then I ate four pickles and some cheese and it came right out." So matter-o-factly. 

For all his growing up he still refuses to dress himself. Doesn't care. Both girls do a better job than him. Gender difference? 

What a terrible picture, but you can tell she's making a silly cheese face. She put her own coat on. Upsidedown. She has since been able to figure out when she's putting it on wrong and turns it around. She also has been putting pants on, but she can't get them over her diaper, so she walks around waddling, but proud. 

You'll notice all the picture of Blake this week are in her coat or hat. She really loved them. We were at Costco and everyone got a raviolisample. Blake ate all hers and Jacqueline was savoring hers, which Blake took to mean that she was done, so she took it and ate it and Jacqueline flipped out as only a two year old can. Blake's turned into such a little sneaky stinker. Any time she does something she looks at me like we're in on it together - like, "wasn't that a good one, mommy?" Wade came to the rescue and gave Jac one of his raviolis, which made the whole situation funny and precious. Later the same day we were having smoothies and Wade had to run to the mirror to check on his smoothies mustache (cause that's something a three year old just has to do) and Blake started drinking form Wade's cup - I told her that was Wade's and she better not, and she gave me that same silly grin like we were pulling a prank together! Then she heard Wade start to run back to the room and she scooched over so fast! 

She wore these glasses for a good 30 minutes. Always upside-down. Always. 

These two continue to struggle with sleep. Well, going to sleep. Once they're asleep they're fine - but its a battle to get there. So if we're ever in the car for more than 10 minutes, they're out. This was as I dropped off Wade for preschool....at 10 am. I had errands to run, but instead just read a book in the car while they slept. They might be thinking they're done with daily naps - especially Jacqueline. I'm not ready for that, but I'm also super over 9-10PM bedtimes. We're exhausted around these parts and no longer getting any breaks. Not cool little people. Not cool. 

This little girl. She's my most challenging at the moment. She's been having some great tantrums that include a lot of rolling around and kicking. I've started filming them for posterity. Her posterity. I've started taking a backpack that has a leash on it - did I already tell you this? - so when she runs away from me at the store she loses that freedom and gets leashed. Often I let her hold the leash herself and its still effective, which is so weird. And sometimes Wade or Blake hold the leash, which is so fun, until it's not and it always escalates quickly. 

But, while she's being hard right now (cause she's me! I can feel my parents smirk as they read this), she's also still such a party. And talking up a storm! This week she said, "go inside," "help me," "pickles." Those are just the ones I wrote down, cause she said them completely on her own - she's also been repeating what I say a lot. One day we were getting out of the car and she kept crying for something, I assumed it was doggie, cause it's the only thing it sounded like. But I grabbed her doggie and she couldn't care less. I gave up trying to appease her, cause, that's just not worth it. That evening Husband got home and let them all pick out a piece of Halloween candy and he said candy in Portuguese - dolce. Jac started gleefully screaming it and suddenly I realized that she had seen suckers in the car and had been asking for candy in Portuguese - "DOLCE DOLCE!" 

All three kids have been pouring over store toy catalogs. They don't yet realize that the pictures correlate to toys that they could beg for, they just thing everything looks cool. Jac freaks out whenever she sees anything Elsa and Blake shrieks joy when she sees anything Trolls. They really make Christmas shopping easy. 

I remembered to write down funny and enjoyable things about this week, and it made the whole week so much better. There has been plenty of annoying, frustrating, exhausting, and annoying (I know I said that already...I have a four year old. Well, almost four year old, as he'll tell you, "I not 4 yet cause I don't have any garbage truck.") but I still wouldn't change it. Sometimes (often) I really feel like I'm failing as a mom, like it might be better if I quit this stay at home thing and put them in daycare for their own benefit (not that daycare is bad! I'm not saying that. No one be offended!). But I so enjoy staying home with them. It's the best and most rewarding. I get to see Wade put a shirt on as pants and dance around. I get to watch Blake wear Mr. Potato Head glasses all morning with her hat on and socks on her hands. I get to hear Jacqueline cry for Dolce. I need to remind myself daily to savor these things. Even the over-the-top tantrums, cause they make the best stories anyway. 

This week I went out and worked for the first time! I've been working on doing marketing for a dental office (endodontist) and the reigns got turned over to me this week and I went out and did office visits. When I first started talking to them about it I thought it would be more behind a computer screen type stuff, but mostly I'll be putting together little gifts to take to different offices either to help boost referrals - um, could anything be more perfect?! This month it included making 168 mini pies - a few that didn't work, and we've had to eat. I am feeling so blessed that I was able to coordinate and make this happen. I also painted the girls headboards - they're still drying, but putting them in tomorrow. And I cleaned up my craft room (stacked things higher so they take up less horizontal space...when do you get rid of craft stuff? I feel like it's when you move...) and started some new projects. I also took some bridals this weekend. Getting more and more photography experience under my belt. 

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