This week: 22 November 2017

All my readers are gathered together in San Diego - so if a Moe talks and no one is there to listen and tell her she's funny and her updates are enjoyed, does it make it worth it? I sit here missing them all, but happy that they can be together. I thought that it would be so cool to surprise them - but, alas, I sit here making pies (cause I still try to have as many pies as people, or at least more than two!) and eating the extra pecans, wondering why I don't eat them more, they taste like crunchy butter. 

Today a migraine snuck up on me and all my kids got handed devices. They didn't seem to mind. Found the girls like this: 

We went to Chuck E. Cheese this week for a friends birthday and everyone loved it. Each one of my kids freaked out individually as they moved on a ride for the first time. I did a fair amount of rescuing, and then they all warmed up and were in love. 

Except for this spaceship. This thing went pretty sideways and it was NEVER loved. It was avoided after. Wade played a racing game that he spent the whole time running his car into the wall and yelled at me every time I tired to help - which, he played about as good as me, so I guess the yelling was founded. 

The next day we painted. This was the girls second time, it went way better than the first. But still ended up with them in the tub. And I'm calling myself a genius for leaving them in jammies, just peel them off and put all the paint mess in the wash. It proved smart when Jac layed over her paint plate. I looked at Blake painting pink on her eyes like makeup, and I told her that we don't put paint on our faces and she looked at me like "already figured that out, thanks mom." 

And then there's Jac: 

And Wade in the background on that last one, so good. And this next one of Wade looks stupid, but he's showing the castle he painted - a big, beautiful castle. 

 We went to IKEA and they tried to adopt all the stuffed elephants. Sheesh, Wade! Open your eyes! Than they all fell asleep on the way home and I drove around and they took the best nap they.v had in a week.

We got out the Christmas stuff this week. I broke when Wade started decorating his room for Christmas, I just knew he'd love pulling out all the stuff! And he did. But not as much as the girls. They found these bells and used them as walkie talkies. 

The bottom of our tree has been undecorated (only plastic ones around here): 

And it's been redecorated with nerf dart light covers. 

Also, somehow Christmas decorations for Wade now include the peanut butter always being stolen away and stored on his dresser. 

Jac tripped over Stella and said, "sorry Stella!" Look at those two words strung together - and then she went and gave Stella a kiss, and that crappy dog actually let her. 

I gave everyone chips while we were in the car and Wade said, "Hey mom, I'm going to use my lap as a table, ok." Makes total sense to an adult, but he came up with that on his own - life as a toddler. He's also been really into Minnesota this week - he keeps saying he wants to go to Minnesota, to go inside and see how tall it is! I guess he thinks it's a place like a cool park? 

Tried listening to a Christmas CD this week in the car and found an upside-down CD stuck in there - it still doesn't work, and I'm suspicious that there's another one stuck too. Kids are great. 

I made dinner at 3:00 PM this week. No one napped and it was overcast and it felt like it had to be late, so I made dinner without looking at the clock. And I mean, it was done at three, not started at three. 

Yes, girls have decided that naps are no longer a daily requirement. It's nice cause they go to bed early, but then they wake up around 11:00 PM thinking that they're nap is over. So....still working on that. Mostly I downloaded a tetris type app and I sit in their room waiting for them to fall asleep. I just set a new high score. I mean, for me...nothing like overall players ever, but give me time, these girls aren't getting better the whole sleeping thing. Course, they are sleeping now. Meaning I probably should too. Crap, just remembered I washed my sheets today and I need to make my bed.  

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