This week: 29 November 2017

"There once was a monster. It was very scary. That monster was mommy. There were so many monsters. They were all the people."

A one page book Wade made out of a single folded piece of paper and "read" to Daddy at bedtime.

That little story teller is currently sick. Just a cold, made terrible by his asthma. He's had a fever for two days, poor peanut. But he's the best little sick thing - just hangs out watching shows and falling asleep whenever. He's been saying stuff like, "I guess I don't like cheese (pop, crackers, etc) today." So pathetic. Plenty of fluids. I think his fever is trying to break, fingers crossed. Jac's nose started running today and she seems run down - might as well get it over with.

Since Wade happily stayed in his room most of the day, I just had two kids to play with. It was amazing. Completely different dynamics. The girls had free reign of the toys and even got to play with Playdough for the first time!

Blake woke up first today. At 8:00am. Felt like a real win since they're usually up at 6:30. But Husband put them to bed with just their shirts on last night, turned on their heater and a humidifier. Apparently that's the right combinations. Hopefully. Within 10 minutes of her waking up, she convinced me to put socks and shoes on here...still pants less. Both girls were actually pants less all day. She's the only one feeling 100% and was so funny with her sibling free freedom.

I moved the couch and Blake found a Mr Potato head ear and wore it in her ear all afternoon. 

And really, she's part cat. A notice the new shirt, but still no pants. Guess that's what happens when you have 50 degree weather in MN at the end of November. 

Always my weirdo. I love that these girls like dressing themselves a little. Wade never really cared much about clothes (still doesn't) but these girls love all the things. 

And Jac convinced me she's not feeling well and I caved and let her play with a phone. She's obsessed. Blake never gets to hold any devices, but she doesn't seem to mind, happily watches over her siblings shoulders, then realizes they're distracted and runs off to do whatever she wants. 

Yesterday was Jacqueline's busy day. I found those silly pills that melt away to reveal little sponge bugs. Which the girls ripped up and scattered all over the house. There's a reason I moved the couch today. But they loved them! 

Found her in here. Took a picture before saving her. She also got locked into my friends bedroom this week. She was so pathetic. I tried to stay calm. Kept putting my hand under the door for her to touch. Also handed her a piece of bacon that she had dropped before getting locked in. It was an intense 5 minutes, but I said a prayer and we got it open. She cried even harder in my arms - and ate her bacon. 

This week I've felt very thankful for hard flooring: 

Jac got a little hair cut this week, because she'd been waking up to it like this: 

Best part is that she went to church with her hair like this. We were running late and I grabbed a comb, but left it on the table. For the first time I felt like a real mess of a twin mom, not bad cause they're already two. I just laughed as I dropped them off of at nursery looking straight up homeless. 

We've been working on reading our scriptures as a family, so FHE on Monday night was all about scriptures. I drew them all books to color, such a hit. 

 Warm in Minnesota. Such freedom. They woke up one Thanksgiving, put on Wade's shoes and took off.

Aunt Janette came to play on Saturday. Husband and Uncle Travis worked on her car and the kids were in heaven - they know when people should be their playmate. Such a fun day. 

Did some black friday and cyber monday shopping. Now I get to wait and get all my packages. Best part of Christmas for me - all the surprises (not surprises, I bought them...I know what they are. And some of them are vitamins. And toiletries. But still excited to get them on sale! And not have to leave) on my doorstep! The girls sheets came yesterday (they've been sleeping on blankets) and Jacqueline was so excited! 

I don't think I've showed off these headboards yet. Their room is coming together and looking sooooooo cute. 

Monday I found this chair on the side of the road: 

There's a hole in the middle of the seat. Covered it up. Done. And I made this fluffy garland: 

 I love holiday decorating! My kids love it too. Found a basket with all the ornaments hoarded in a basket. Only the angel, two wisemen, a shepherd and a camel of the little people nativity can be found - they're loving it. Oh, all the lights are the biggest hit, especially with Husband. Pretty sure they would love to have them up all year. Thinking about it.

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