This week: 7 December 2017

 I have a four year old!

He had a birthday party today with pizza, sprinkles, balloons (with helium! They're all stuck on the ceiling in my entryway now), friends, and garbage trucks. Having this group of friends happily running around the house, and my friends talking around the table - it was so wonderful.

The paper on the table continues to be a big hit - with all ages this time. My girls always find a good lap. And all my friends are amazing at being extra mommies to these two (they would to Wade too, but he's always off playing). Just need to say that I am super grateful for my friends out here. So grateful. So blessed. 

Two minutes before his party I convinced Wade to wear pants. About 20 minutes into the party I realized that they were on backwards and somehow that made them fall down. I told him to turn his pants around and I thought I heard him mutter that he didn't need pants as he went down to the basement. I heard correctly, cause he came later in just his underwear. My friend drew this accurate winner of the birthday boy: 

Jac took over Wade's sweet ride immediately. He was busy with his new garbage truck, so he didn't care. The joy on her face - so glad he didn't care. Side note about the garbage truck (how do I not have a picture of him with it? Maybe cause he kept disappearing into seclusion to play with it all day. Anyway, he took all the pictures from preschool off the fridge and has been ripping it up to make trash for his garbage truck...so now I have little pieces of trash all over my house...play trash, to be differentiated between the real trash all over my house). 

Wade understood this year that his birthday was coming. He's at the age where he's really getting it. Last night he asked Husband if it could be his birthday yet and he was so excited to learn that it was the next day! I got to stay up and be a birthday fairy. It was so fun - especially for this kid that loves decorations (although, he did complain to me about now having enough decorations up). 

That sprinkle blob is supposed to be a 4. Do you see it? It only kinda worked. But this frosting was amazing - whipping cream instead of milk. I got all kinds of compliments, which is nice cause recently my potluck sharing food have been floppers. But I can do frosting. 

Oh, and here's the candle aftermath. Husband didn't realize that you need to take toppers off before lighting candles. It was real exciting for a minute there. 

And the best party aftermath: 

Girls continue to think naps are lame. Well, that's not true. They're actually great at going down for naps, but if they fall asleep in the car for even a minute, then they won't go down - made an extra problem cause they fall asleep any time they're in the car after 10. Which, has been really good this week as I've been working and delivering Christmas gifts to dental offices - they just sleep while I get stuff done. Which is nicer than when I try to get work done at home:

Such helpers. But they really are - if I give them a job, it gets done! And Jacqueline is really excited about pretty much every task in life right now, cause she can talk about it! Today we were sitting and saying different words and she was repeating just about everything I said, then she took off and pointed to everything she knew the word to, and it was a lot! We also had a conversation this week: 

Jac: Mommy! Hungee!
Me: Are you hungry? Should we get something to eat? 
Jac: Yes! Yes! Eat! 

She's also been saying "OKAY!" Any time I ask her to do something (or not do something), but it's so condescending! If a two year old can be condescending. No, it's like she's mocking me...I can't totally describe it, but she does it all the time. She says "OKAY!" and then continues to do whatever she wants. She acknowledges that she's heard me. It's funny though. 

Both Jac and Blake can say Wade now, but it sounds different for each of them. Jac's says "Way" and Blake says "Why" but they're both very proud and have to point out everything they see that belongs to Wade (which they do for mommy and daddy too - laundry is kind of fun with them). 

Twice this week I've found the girls playing in Wade's room while he's sleeping. That kid is such a heavy sleeper! And those girls are so mischievous! 

Husband and I made sushi for a date night on Friday (which he woke up feeling gross in the middle of the night and then I was paranoid I'd soon follow! But I didn't - he just got a really bad cold and he got some weird vertigo). It was really fun to make. We handed all our kids a device and had just enough time to eat - before this thing came down: 

She also liked the sushi. And my drink, which she deemed as hers and made me get it next to her. She kept screeching "my!" But we made it most of the way through the date. And pretty impressed that sushi trumped the phone. Oh, and Blake got handed a device, which rarely happens, she always ends up looking over someones shoulder - well she immediately locked herself out and ended up sitting with Wade to watch the iPad with him. 

More on the Blake: 

She has been so busy this week. I can't quite describe her business, cause I can't follow her train of thought. Wade was a builder and an organizer, she's just so curious...maybe she's a discoverer? 

We have strollers and push toys that go up and down nave of our house all day - but this stupid stool is also a regular Blake toy. Here she was using it as a stroller...with a yellow bucket on her head. She also walks around with stuff on her head all the time. How does she see? 

We had our ward Christmas party last Saturday, I went with the kids alone, since Husband was sick. We were doing okay until there was a series of hot chocolate disasters. Luckily there were people around that were so helpful - oddly, not the people that tI would've expected. A nursery leader and her non-member father played with Jac, while a Laurel that was sitting with all her school Encore friends (they came and performed) scooped up Blake. The best part was that Rachel (the Laurel) was sharing her ham with Blake, then Blake just stole the fork from her, stabbed the entire slice of ham and just started going to town. This was after she ate all her ham and most of my ham! Rachel thought it was hilarious, and I think we're now life friends. 

Blake has long been my socially awkward one. Perhaps not awkward, just doesn't care. My odd little discoverer. Until recently. Now she's this social butterfly and has specific friends she's genuinely ecstatic to see. Look at that hand hold! She saw this friend across the room (okay, a table away) and ran over to give her hugs. Or here: 

She wouldn't settle into nursery and Wade was saying the scripture (he did great...well, he did it. But saying words into the microphone in front of everyone, that's a win!), so I brought her with me for a few minutes (again, solo cause my other half was sick). She left me as soon as Piper walked in and sat on her lap. 

Wade and his decorating: 

Not thrilled about him playing with my front room stuff. Mostly cause the pine cone debris are now everywhere. But he was so proud. Always making something beautiful. 

And trash. Always making something beautiful or trash. One or the other. In his mind, I guess, the trash falls into the beautiful category. But these papers - that's what all over my house. Everywhere. 

This is also at the ward Christmas party. There was a lot of trauma that Jac spilled her hot chocolate. Then she drank some of Wade's. Then his got spilled...I think? I was actually grabbing a towel for the first spill when the second spill happened. I think Jac spilled his. I don't know, but his was gone and under our table was very sticky. But then I brought over marshmallows and all was right with the world. *Note to self: next year just give them marshmallows and skip the cocoa. (Shoot, why is Wade in the same shirt in every single picture of this post?!)

Oh, I totally forgot about this! Which I'm sure says something about my growth as a person and my incredible amount of patience with my children.

But it's also some form of satire about my life. I don't know if I'm using the idea of satire correctly. I'm thinking back the AP English. I'm not. What's the word I want? I'm not sure, but somehow this curtain rod was mocking me. Oh, and I keep putting children's toothpaste on my toothbrush. Somehow the humor of these two things feel related. 

I think I've said before that the girls won't let me sing to them. They tell me no and Blake will come up and put her hand over my mouth. Well, they will let me sing Christmas songs to them! I love sitting in their room as they fall asleep and singing to them. Silent Night is my favorite, and this year I keep tearing up as I sing the words "Glories stream from Heaven afar" and I think of how the pure joy in Heaven as our Savior was born could not be held in. And I let myself wonder, was I among those angels? Bursting with so much joy that the veil could not contain my song? That's a memory I want back, where was I when our the Savior of this earth, my Savior, was born? I imagine not just me singing, but singing with my family. My dad, my sister, my Wade. I can hear them singing His praises right along side me. Wonderful. Counsellor. The Mighty God. The Everlasting Father. The Prince of Peace.

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