This week: 13 December 2017

My body was trying really hard to get a migraine today. I babied my lame body and I think I've warded it off - but it is winter, so I'm sure I'll get more. About an hour before Husband got home I gave everyone a snack, turned on the trash Toy Story (#3) and told everyone that mommy didn't feel great and needed to lay down, so they needed to play nice. I actually got a good half hour before I anyone needed anything! Feels like a momentous day. 

In the mornings the girls have been waking up and playing in their room, then Wade gets up and joins them - it's also pretty fantastic. At night I go in and put toys in their room, then they wake up and I can hear them jabber all excited about the fun stuff laid out for them. Definitely the best way to sleep until at least 7:15 each day. 

Their play together has been really good recently. Wade sets up towers for them to knock over: 

He also sets up toys for them to all play with in his room. And they've started playing doctor too, which is more involved then other games they've played - they lay down on a play table, get covered with a blankie and then get shots and stamps (?) and head rubs. 

We had pom-poms at Wade's birthday and the girls have loved them! They fit perfectly though this chair: 

I've been feeling guilty that I haven't given my girls the chance to play with pom-poms much - Wade played with them ALL. THE. TIME. Well, I was reminded when both girls have choked and puked up pom-poms. Why have they not learned to not put things in their mouths yet?!

Blake has started yelling at me at stop lights saying, "Go! Go! Go!!" Wade tries explaining that the light is red, but she just wants to be going. 

Blake also knows that purple things are hers - which, they are. Pink is Jac, yellow is Wade, purple is Blake. She says, "My purple!" to everything purple. Especially purple dishes, and she exclaims it so distressed and possessive, as if I EVER give purple to anyone else. Jac also talks about her pink plate, but not so life & death. Jacqueline is trying to say numbers - well, she says numbers, just not in any order. And she's trying to figure out what colors things are. Oh man, and she wants to say prayers! Our family prayers are often group prayers now, or we have multiple prayers since one has to be her muttering gibberish. 

This hat. Sitting on a balloon. Watching goofy quirks come out = favorite part of motherhood. 

 I made cinnamon rolls for an ugly sweater party (oh my gosh! I don't have a picture of my ugly...ensemble! It was ridiculous. I don't really care about ugly sweater parties, but I was told that there were high expectations for me. So I went as a complete Christmas tree, with a huge tulle floor length skirt, battery operated lights and a huge star on my head. I'll track down a picture), and our kids have been living on them since. Except Wade doesn't like the frosting. Isn't that weird? Maybe he doesn't like cream cheese? 

We got some snow this week - always enough to be annoying cause you must shovel the walk, but not enough to really be a good amount. I shoveled out where my wheels would go today, then drove just to the side of where I had shoveled, so dumb. Okay, that wasn't the story I was going to tell. The story was that Husband requested that as soon as we get more snow that he wants to build a snow man right by the front steps so he can give it a high five every time he walks by. Ha, ha! The reasoning made me laugh. 

Wade picked out his shoes to wear to preschool: 

Apparently when one turns four that's when the "I don't like you any more mommy" starts. We've been getting told daily that we're not his mommy/daddy anymore. I tell him that if I'm not his mommy, then who will make him sandwiches, which doesn't sink in because I'm reasoning with a four year old. We try not to laugh. 

We've successfully had family home evening for over a month now! This week we talked about how we give gifts to our Savior and show Him we love Him by trying to be like Him and being kind. I asked Wade about some kind things we could do and each day he brainstormed something nice to do. During FHE he decided we should all hug. Yesterday we were in the car and I started asking him what we could do to be kind today and he said, "So we can be like Jesus Christ?! I'll share my toys." And he really did.

We're talking a lot about Christ with Wade and Christmas, but he's still learned all about Santa Claus. I don't mind, I didn't really know what we were going to do with Santa in this house, but apparently Wade is so excited for him to come! He's been making birthday pictures for Christ and stickers pictures for Santa that he has to carry around everywhere. I was tucking him in and I asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him and he said, "Garbage trucks. I have three, but I need five." Then we sang some songs and he was almost asleep, then he says, "Let's talk more about Santa." 

Almost ready for Christmas around here. I was doing so good and just had a few small things to get finished, then I've waited and those few small things still need to get done and now they're suddenly a little stressful. And I love giving gifts, so I have to remind myself to let them just be done and send them off! There are things planned for this week that weren't happening until the middle of the month, and now they're happening...cause it's the middle of the month! Where did the time go? We've got chocolate advent calendars (very beloved) and we hit the halfway point today. 

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