2018 chapter 33: August 15

Sleep is still a struggle, but getting way better. I woke up feeling well rested today, that's an amazing feeling. For a few days the only place Jac would sleep was the hallway - she had to control something in the situation, so this was where her stubbornness landed her. Blake had to be with her Jacqueline. Look at those cute holding hands! We've moved up their bedtime, and I think we're hitting the sweet spot and they're getting a little more sleep - they're even taking naps every few days. Yesterday I was putting away laundry in our room and Blake come in and took my hand and said, "Cuddle me" and lead me to my bed where she fell sleep next to me at 11:45 in the morning! Hoping they're remembering that sleep is good. 

Found this picture on my phone. I think that's Blake. So Jac must've taken this? I'm not sure, but this is reminiscent of a picture of me sleeping on the stairs in a Snow White dress - she's not sleeping, but apparently princess dresses on stairs is extra good in some way. 

Girls have been turning on the fan to dry their hair. Daddy washes their hair every time they get into the sand pit (mommy does not, mommy just says she'll vacuum more and wash the sheets more...which also doesn't happen). 

I bought markers. If you start counting from the moment we went through the check out until this happened, I'd say we made it about 17 minutes. We are not ready for markers in this house. About an hour after I snapped this picture Blake cut a hole in this dress - where do they keep finding scissors?!?! Also - I just ordered play make up for their birthday, they obviously need it (play make up, as in plastic....I do not hate myself that much). 

Had a "fight" with the Jac about ranch being called ranch, not "white ketchup." I'd have to say that she won the argument, mostly cause my dignity is always striped when I debate with her. 

Kiddos running home from our walk - Wade is into trying to race, I think it stems from running with his cousins in Utah and he couldn't keep up. And Jac running in that princess dress, so funny. 

Wade has been into building. What's new. He built this statue at the chiropractor today and told me all about how it was a lazy monster robot because he was sitting down, but that he also only had one leg, so it's hard for him to stand. And I couldn't take a picture until he put on his hairy crown. 

I've been getting ready all week for Husband's family to come into town - they all got in/get in today. I, of course, had to get some project on my to-do list crossed off. Did a peel and stick vinyl tile on the basement bathroom floor: 

Hung up a bunch of hook in my bathroom (I had to use anchors and they aren't holding well! So annoying, I'm going to have to move them) and these ones in the girls room. They're wicker, I've already had to glue them back together. 

I dyed my hair pink.  Just for fun. It'll last a few weeks. My friend dyed her's pink a while back and I've wanted to ever since - but had to wait until I was back from Utah, cause I just couldn't bring myself to show up at my grandparents house with pink hair. My nieces think it's AWESOME, they keep touching it. And my Mia Maids also think I'm the coolest, I'm sure they already thought that, but I just leveled up. Two of my young women dyed their hair this week, I feel like I might have some parents needing to talk to me. 

The ragweed is bad here right now. I have some take-one-a-day tablets that always seem to take a few days to kick in, but they don't make me drowsy. Until they kick in I take these little pink tablets that make me so tired - as if I'm not already tired! So every four hours I have a choice of having an itchy throat and sneezing, or feeling like I'm going to pass out while standing. It's fun. 

Okay, off to get some sleep before the Jac wakes up.

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