2018 chapter 34: August 22

We had cousins come this week! Had so much fun at the splash pad, park, pool and around the house. In our travels and visits this summer I've learned that Wade is an introvert and by the end of this he asked if he could just be alone in his room.

 Why is painting rocks so fun?!

Wade got his cousins to help him build, but they got bored and he kept going all week, making this into a frog house, then a butterfly house, then a car ramp, then a bee house and every single one was very different (except they all included the same building materials with different amounts of flowers picked from my garden). 

Also started the girls birthday week! Nana got them Sofia the first microphones and they keep singing these great songs at the the top of their lungs. Both are such performers, Jacqueline gets some great flailing arms involved when she needs more gusto. Jac couldn't blow out her candles, so Blake helped her, which was not appreciated!

The performing has gone onto all kind of random dancing and acrobatics. "Watch me!" is said a million times a day. Which, I should say, isn't new since the microphones, but it seemed to have escalated. Jacqueline has to tell me everything she's going to, "I go like this, and then I do this and then this. Okay?! Okay." 

Wade keeps saying, "Have you lost your mind?" Wonder where he's heard that...

He also helps singing, "I have a butt, I have a butt, I have a butt." I want to type, "Why are butts, farts, poop and pee so funny to little kids?!" but I know why, it's cause they're funny. That's why. The best is when Blake sings it too, "I have butt, I have butt, I have butt." 

Reasons my three year old is crying: I wiped her butt and put the toilet paper in the toilet, but it covered up her poop so she couldn't see it. 

Jac has been saying "pretty-ful" as a mixture of beautiful and pretty. She'll get all dressed up and come find me, pop her hip, put her arms up and say, "I so pretty-ful!"

Wade needed a break, but so did I! I went paddle boarding with a huge group of friends. It was so fun and I have a new place I want to take people when they come to visit. We went under a bunch of bridges that connected lots of lakes. It was just the coolest. 

Wade came up behind me and put his face in my butt - I didn't realize he was there and I farted. After he was laughing so hard and said, "Mom, I licked your butt!!" And then I cried laughing and said, "And I farted in your face." Unintentional payback.

This weekend I shoot my first solo wedding! I am getting so nervous. I've been letting myself drink as much Dr. Pepper as I want to "deal with" the stress...and now my pants don't fit. I'm trying to remind myself to be excited - and I am! Trying not to think of all the things that could go wrong, but when I think about getting great images, then I'm all kinds of excited, just a lot of pressure to not miss anything!

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