2018 chapter 45: November 7

Preschool started today!!!! All three kids were gone for two hours. Is it weird that I'd kinda like to watch them outside the window? See them be happy. Enjoy exploring and learning. Watching the teenager teachers think they're so cute (cause they're so cute...talking about my kiddos here, not the teenagers, to be extra clear). 

Nine out of the fifteen spots available were filled up with church people. One kid not pictured. We always up the numbers, but still pretty impressive. And nice, cause then as moms we all went and wondered Target. 

Wade went in no problem, old hat. Blake was so ready too. Jac needed me to walk her to the classroom and she needed to put on a show of being shy (what an act! Girl has a flare for the dramatic). When I got to the classroom with her, Blake was already sitting at the front of the room, with her legs folded, all ready for to get this thing going! At that point Jac was stuck behind teenagers  trying to shuffle in, and she was too curious, so she let go of my hand and wove her way through the legs and she was off too. I don't know if she melted down when she realized I was gone, but I doubt it. 

When I picked them up their student teachers came out with them to introduce themselves to me (the HS class changes in the middle, so it's different students than who I dropped them off with) and this year they have three students each. As we walked away we waved at the nine high school girls that play with me people and I had to laugh. Next week I will have to take a picture.Then the girls fell asleep in the car, cause preschool is a lot of work. 

I taught an Instant Pot class on Friday at our church activity/craft night. Funny, cause I'm not the food person. When it comes to food I'm practical, which is what my class was and I've had a few emails saying thanks cause now they feel able to use their instant pot! I figured out how to make yogurt and my kids LOVED it. I finally just gave them all spoons and the bowl cause all our other bowls were dirty from their repeated helpings of yogurt. Side note: a very important toddler yogurt ingredient = sprinkles.   

Saturday afternoon I tweaked my back leaning forward at a baptism. It hurt so bad. I couldn't stay sitting, I couldn't stand. It felt like lighting was going in at my back and all the way down my left leg. I hunched out and pushed my children before me - people just thought I was trying to get my restless kids out discretely, in reality I was trying to not puke or black out. The door shut as I got into the hallway and I had to grip onto a table and focus on my breathing like in labor, only I think I'd prefer being in labor. Their bishop was outside and entertained my kids while I laid down in a classroom and the fire calmed down. I somehow made it home and called Bryan to get the kids out of the car, the I went upstairs and went on bed rest for the weekend. 

I had a few bed rest visitors, cause mom had TV in bed.   

Blake fell asleep Sunday afternoon, so she had a hard time falling asleep that night. Jac and her were playing, then Jac fell asleep and Blake came into tell me all about it, "Jacqueline sleeping, but I still wan play!" Being the pushover that I am (especially with Blake, especially cause I was already pushed on my back), she stayed up with me. Stealing Jacqueline's owlet. 

Fast forward to today. I'm doing okay. My back nerves or whatever are still touchy and threatened to pinch again tonight (while I was trying to wipe. You're welcome for that info). I think it's my sciatic nerve, cause it hurts all the way down my leg, and hurts extra good on my still-healing-pulled-hamstring. I'm feeling very annoyed and ...bleak about this dumb leg. Can I apply bleak as an emotion? But, I don't think I reinjured my hamstring, which I thought this weekend and was very upsetting. I've been seeing a chiropractor and I'm setting up an appointment with a massage therapist. If I see no improvement this week, I'll figure out physical therapy.

Today we overheard Wade asking his sisters "is it easy-peasy? Or so hard?"

Everyone has been playing trick or treat all week with each other. Tangent on that, I am so grateful that my kids are playing pretty well together and they've been pretty good as I have to take a lot of downtime right now. I hate it. I fell like 75% of my patience at any given moment is used up on my leg and I have little left for their little human behavior. And I want to play with them and enjoy them more. But I get to hear their giggles as they invent games together. I've been encouraging them to work stuff out on their own, and I've been seeing them come to one another's needs more. I'm really blessed. Also, my gripe on my  homes cleanliness has slipped greatly, as has my control of the crayons. I have the colored on carpet and walls to prove it.

Today at Target I got some tape on clearance. I gave Wade one roll today. He made this:

It's an armless, legless tape robot. That apparently needed to be frozen to complete: 

Blake's been really into washing her hands. Very thorough. Usually requires a shirt change. Sometimes a whole outfit change. Here she was telling me, "Almost done, mommy. Almost done."

About my dramatic redhead. Bryan was fixing an oil leak on his car and we had to take him to work a few days while his car was torn apart. This was Jac's face as we said bye one morning. I watched her go from slightly sad to distorting her face into a cry. Girl is dramatic. 

Quiet time means unsupervised time upstairs. They mostly stay in their rooms. There's always a point when the girls sneak to Wade's room and they all play and they think they're fooling me and I let them, cause they're all playing so nicely. But, Jac's been getting more mischievous. No. mischievous implies some kind of intent, she's just bored and weird. The crayon markings were her. It's always her. We (even Wade) all say, "It's always Jacqueline."  I don't think she tries to be bad...she just does such bad things. Anyway, whenever something goes missing you just ask Jac. Bryan couldn't find his deodorant, he asked Jac and she brought in a little bag and unzipped it and pulled out daddy's deodorant. Couldn't find the kid toothpaste, asked Jac and she went and pulled it out from under the bed. 

Okay, I'm off to stretch, ice, heat, then to bed. I'd appreciate prayers. Oh, I should also say that I've been having friends check in that I'm okay and dinner was brought to us Sunday. I'm truly blessed. But I'm still ready to be done with the pain. Until next week! 

Oh wait, I didn't post these! Took some more Matilda Jane pictured for a seller. It was really fun to have the kids decorate a tree, made lovely pictures. And my kids are so cute! 

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