2018 chapter 47: November 21

Happy Thanksgiving! We've had a somewhat anticlimactic weekend, but also fun! Went on a walk with friends, on a balmy 40 degree day. 

Pulled out some more Christmas stuff, including a small tree for the kids to decorate. Wade's super concerned about which tree Santa will bring his gifts. It was such a cute moment when I realized that the magic is alive! They've been talking all about Santa and when they (Jacqueline) finds something in the store they need, then I tell them we'll take a picture and send it to Santa. My phone is full of pictures to send to Santa. 

Watching basketball with daddy. 

Playing the new game that Daddy invented: King of the Kind Bed. My room is perpetually like this. Which, makes me feel better about not making my bed. 

Daddy's been doing science experiments with the kids. Lots of them have failed. Didn't help that he started on Sunday and we were out of everything he needed. Wade's been chastising me for being out of all the stuff all week. How dare I not have alka-seltzer and glitter. 

 But then we went and got stuff and some of them have been working!!

Luckily the kids were wowed with whatever. But, they also feel as though they've been given a big 'ol green light to use all the cups and bowls to do their own "experiments" and everything's dirty all the time. 

Blake's been telling me that, "Daddy say shee-shee." or "Daddy say coco." Every time she goes potty she needs me to know that way daddy says it in Portuguese.

A snap of a Jac tantrum.  

We're all ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. French silk oreo crust pie is all ready and steak roast (idk what else to call it) is bought - what else do we need? Look at my helpers. Blake's just out of the picture, falling apart...cause today was a rough day for her. Why? Who knows. 

My leg is at about 80% right now. I can mark actual progress and put my pants on normal. Feels good to be healing. Phew.

Happy Thanksgiving, hope everyone has a wonderful day and your remember all your blessings.

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