2018 chapter 48: November 28

We had such a fun thanksgiving/black friday/shopping week/familygiving. And I apparently only took 4 pictures.

We had...a steak roast? Prime rib-ish thing, but Bryan keeps correcting me that it wasn't Prime rib. But that's what we had for Thanksgiving dinner and we had Bryan's brother and his family over and it was so great. Pretty much we're going to have that deliciousness any time we can find an excuse to. Then Candice and I went shopping and we spent too much, but it was sooo fun, and then I did some more online shopping, and now I've been making returns all week. 

One of the very important things bought would be a second "Let it go" dress: 

Jac's been telling Blake how to wear it, "You do des (the sleeves) like dis and then they have keep dancing and hugging and it's as adorable as you're imagining. 

While we all thought my niece Brooklyn was napping downstairs, she was actually pulling all the Christmas decorations out and made a gorgeous mess of the lights. There was a lantern attached to, which I successfully removed before taking a picture. 

On Saturday we went to the farm and had familygiving, as Wade decided to call it. Bryan's aunts and uncle were there and they all loved on my kids so much, even all of Bryan's cousins treat my kids like they're the most special little humans. Crafts were brought and Jac destroyed a new dress, but it mostly washed out. And Wade made all kinds of crazy creations. 

Found a box with Wade's name written all over it - written by him! I asked him about it and he said, "Yeah, I wrote my name three times, but I could write it ten times if I wanted to!" When did he learn how to do this?! 

Kids playing weird games. Why is this a game? And why is it snowing outside and none of my children are sensibly clothed? I'm in wool socks and a thick sweater and they're mostly bare - although, not completely bare, a feat in this house. 

Kids asked if they could put lights on the tree, I said no, so when I came back into the room I found this: 

And there's no hope for my tree this year. Decorating trees is not my forte, but at least I can blame it on my "helpers" continually moving things around. 

Asked Wade, amide my shopping free for all, what he wanted for Christmas. He said he wanted some Paw Patrol stuff, Grossery Gangs, ect. Then he got quiet, leaned in, paused for effect and said, "And something else..... a virus." What?!? I explained that maybe he didn't want one, but also, maybe he'll get one. Oh sheesh, I hope not. 

I've been working a bunch this week, cause, y'know, the shopping. I've taken over all the marketing for the Endodontics office, which is awesome! 

What a boring week. It wasn't boring, I promise, we've been playing king of the bed, king of the couch, making cushion house forts, covering the floor with a big role of paper and coloring all over it. Just didn't take pictures. Or write down the funny things (wow, I'm grateful for this blog, I can't remember the funny stuff from the last week, how would I ever remember it in 10 years?).

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