2018 chapter 49: December 5

I took Santa pictures this week and I love them! We had to practice a few day before, so I could know if I needed to make any tweaks (I did, moved the lights cord. No one wants to see the lights cord. And I didn't want to edit the lights cords).

And then Santa came on Saturday and it was magical. Had different people come get pictures taken, but my kids got to hang out with Santa all morning. Poor Santa was "on" the whole time, but luckily he loves my kiddos. He got tickled by them. I pulled out some "chicken butt" jokes. Blake was a turd. And Wade had some serious talks trying to debunt this Santa (not Santa as a whole, but this guy. We weren't convinced that this was THE Santa).

At first Jacqueline did "Not want Santa my white house!!" But she warmed up to him, was sad when he left, and cannot stop talking about it.

On Friday I woke up with some crazy vertigo (yes, this is the awesome year that I started having bouts of vertigo and pulled my hamstring for over 4 months and pinched my sciatic nerve. I kinda hate this year). As I was getting kids ready for preschool I was sitting on the floor of my entry way, sweating and trying not to puke. I called Bryan and he came and picked up everyone up and I crawled to the couch and managed to not toss my cookies (the cookies I hadn't eaten). Then I realized I was cold and thirsty, and I had cleaned up the living room the night before, so I had to be cold until I could muster the strength to get a blanket. But I also got to just lay there and watch a show, it was great. Moral of the story, never clean.

Bryan brought the kids home from preschool (and stayed home, which was awesome! Even though I started feeling better right after) and when they came in the door they all had to immediately show me what they made me. Jac, "I made for you!!" Blake, "Here mom, I put on your lap, not I go play." Wade, "Mom, you might want to read this."

At preschool they had show and tell. Jac wore her Elsa dress (and I avoided the struggle of making her change). I asked Wade if he wanted to bring some Grossery Gangs, he responded that he needed to bring something special. What was that something special? A BROKEN Paw Patrol magnetic doodle pad that the book part was ripped off. That was his something special. And then, when I asked Blake what she wanted to bring, she also wanted to bring the broken Paw Patrol doodle pad (before even seeing that Wade had it). I have almost thrown that thing out so many times, but it is apparently very, very important. There were tears, but Wade convinced her to bring some Grossery Gangs.

Kids have been playing Christmas. They spent all afternoon creating this fort...tent... I can't remember, but Wade will correct me if I say the wrong thing. They kept saying, "It's Christmas!" and running out of the fort/tent.

 A friend gave us some dress ups. Blake snagged "her items" and she's never been so into dress ups before! Now I either have two ppl to get out of princess dresses whenever we go anywhere, or I get to take two princesses with me. There were also some boy-ish things that Wade was pretty excited about, but they're just being hoarded in his room.

Took our kids to their first movie! The Grinch. Only people in the theater. Good thing too, cause Blake wanted to go home (so glad we paid for her), Jac wanted more popcorn, and Wade reclined the entire row of chairs. But we enjoyed it. 

Getting toys out of the banister hole. Still need to cover it up, and pretty sure I'll have to just seal up some toys. 

Found the best wrapping paper last year that is being very loved this year: 

Jacqueline has been stopping to give Stella hugs, a kiss on the head, and then goes on her way. Stella has grown a lot, cause she lets her, but she looks at me like, "why are you letting her do this to me!??" I just want that silly dog to learn that her life would be so much better if she enjoyed all these little people.

Asking Wade what he thinks we should get Daddy for Christmas he said, "Maybe a statue? Like a golf statue. Or maybe a poison dart frog statue." He definitely settled on a poison dart statue.

We hung up Christmas light and made big ol' lighted chicken wire balls. Then we got a snow storm and half the lights got blown off and three of our balls blew away (we snagged them and still need to fix them, and then apparently stake them down!). We also made some balloon ice balls with food coloring. They're awesome...I think, we haven't popped the balloons yet.

Had our annual cookie decorating party. While there we found out church was cancelled the next morning and we all stayed out unresponsively late.

And we had our bunco prize month. Made 12 days of Christmas for everyone involved. It was so fun (and probably too much work). Really love that I get to go play with these people each month. Also, I won lowest score for the three months. I won lowest by over 50 points. It's so pathetic, I got a prize.

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