2019 chapter 18

 Went and took pictures this week for my friend who sells little girl clothing. It was a lot of patriotic coloring, so we went to a cemetery and took pictures as our kiddos paid their respects. Okay, so we bought them flowers to lay on graves and then they had a race on the driveway. The pictures turned out to be my favorite. This one of Blake's run/jump (even with Jac looking dumb, I'm framing it):

And Jac doing a dance: 

And then I told them to hug and I got this: 

Then this perfect one: 

But still trying to decide if this one is actually more perfect? That sisterly love (and annoyance....I think that's kind of synonymous): 

These two cuties threw their most epic tandem tantrum this week. Against my better judgement, they talked me into a car cart. Y'know, one of those carts with a car cab in the front. And by "talked me into it," I mean that they climbed in while I made a return at the home improvement store. All was fine, except it has two seat and I have three children. Well, my big ol' 5 year old isn't quite big enough to not want to ride in the car cart, so I explained to the girls that we needed to give Wade a turn and one of them needed to get out, and then we'd switch again, blah blah blah. Logic. To a couple of three year olds. Then I told them that if one of them didn't get out they both had to get out, so then they both tried to push the other one out. I only wanted to buy furnace filters. I pulled them both out and Wade climbed in and they both lost it and ran in opposite directions and I started to walk (slowly) towards the check out (not my finest moment, but they could see me). Their tantrums continued, only now a mix of anger and fear as mom walked away and ignored them. Then they were screaming, but hanging on me, which I obviously loved. I stool in line and they opened a new register and no one moved cause everyone knew it was for me cause everyone wanted us to leave. I bought the wrong filter. I get to go back. 

They made a party: 

Close up on the straw tee-pee detail. Everyone made sure to tell me that Blake did that, y'know, in case they were going to get in trouble for using the straws. 

Wade's been practicing cutting out shapes that he's drawn. He's really into hearts and giving them to everyone, which is more adorable than the unrecognizable random creation he's been giving people (that all his friends still cherish), at these people know what this is. He's also getting into displaying his creations. 

Jac was upset when we got into church cause she wanted to sit by daddy, but Bryan appeased her by promising headrubs - he rubbed her head for 15+ minutes and every time he tried to stop she'd grab his hand and put it back on her head. Later I looked over to see Wade rubbing Bryan's back, and he's obviously cemented his place as the favorite child.

Our library is closed for renovations, but we go to other libraries to pick up books, but return them to a drop off in city hall (because it's closer, duh). So we're walking quietly through city hall and everyone's being awesome, respectful little kids. We pass people and there are a few reasonable volume "hellos." And then we pass a man and Jac yells, "I HAVE MY LIPS!!" and shows him her lip gloss.

I was in the kitchen and hear Wade (through and open window, woohoo!! say to Jac, "Did mom tell you you can bring stuffed animals outside?" and Jac replies, "Yes!" and then adds, "I mommy. I Jacqueline mommy." Glad she's going around giving herself permission. Dangerous territory.

We were getting ready to leave and I look out my window and see Blake squatting in the yard. I yell down to her and tell her we need to go and she tells me she's peeing. Great. Glad she's getting into that habit. Then she yells up to me that she's pooping. Right in our back yard. Securing our spot as the trashiest people in the neighborhood. She's been having a lot of accidents, not potty training regression, just playing hard outside, doesn't leave herself enough time, and really doesn't care too much about the repercussions. On Saturday I see that there are wet underwear on the floor by the bathroom. I pick it up and put in a load of laundry (gotta start that quick!). Later I'm getting ready to go to the store and walk into the bathroom to realize that she had peed on the floor - realized by walking in it. So I clean it up, realize we have ants from a half yogurt thrown into the trash, then Blake says she's hurt and there's blood. It was a fun 3 minutes.

Yesterday Blake started screaming that there were bugs in her house. Real fear in her voice. I figured it was a lady bug or a stupid red bug we get in the spring - nope, more ants. Lots of them. Someone had left a little piece of cheese in the living room. So I got to vacuum, move the couches, spray the baseboards with cinnamon oil, and shampoo our carpets (okay, that wasn't for the ants, I just needed to do it). It's kept them from eating in the living room since ...yesterday.

Blake's outfit on our 33 degree, slushy snow day:

And her hidden shopkin I found at a restaurant: 

On Bryan's "weekend" (we went to Avengers End Game on Thursday and then he took Friday off, which is a good thing cause we were both left with a hole - food didn't taste as good, colors didn't seem as bright) we went to lunch and - this seems so insignificant, but it made our day so much more fun - the guy gave each of my kids a cup for pop for free and they all got to pick their own pop flavor and it made them so excited. I took them one at a time to pick their flavor (they all picked orange) and their joy was overflowing. 

Here's a picture of life with Jac:

She also had all my make up pulled out. Thanks baby.

We were driving and I said, "Guys, look, a school bus!" And everyone was excited. And then I had a weird moment where I realized that someday (probably kind of soon) I'll say that and no one will care.

My parents come next week and all my tulips are about to bloom and the timing feel beyond perfect - almost makes the slow coming spring worth it. And I'm deep into my "complete-too-many-projects" and "clean-my-oven-and-carpets" phase, not because my parents would care to drop into my house at any state, but because I'm just so excited! And, cause my oven really does need to be cleaned.

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