2019 chapter 19 & 20

My mommy and daddy were here this last week! It was beyond fun and always so sad to leave them at the airport. My kids are already making serious plans to get to grandma's house - I think it was the only thing holding them together through the last day of the visit.

The week can be summed up with me asking Wade if he needed help with something and he said, "I don't need your help, I have a new mom." Grandma is the best grandma. The kids "created" with her all. day. long. Wade took her presence as an all access pass to the recycling bin and he kept grabbing things to make more treasures. He spent hours the first day making a juicer that was rather elaborate, then he excitedly showed us how it worked and he manually squeezed juice out of and orange, leaving 90% of his machine unused. 

He made a check-list of things he and grandma needed to make and checked them off - and grandma helped with them all, even when it involved watching "the rainbow show" to learn what specific "wishes" looked like. 

We had to make two trips for tape and glue sticks. Blake made these great tape "broaches" for us (that we forgot to wear on Mother's day and I genuinely feel sad at missing that opportunity).

Also makes a great phone: 

Jac made tape balls. Almost everything was made for grandma and she graciously took all the crap. 

Papa Billa mentioned making booster packs and Wade figured it out and make everyone one - never got a pic of the girls because they took them to bed to cuddle and they never made it back downstairs. 

 Grandma brought Elsa and Rapunzel dresses and they've been worn all week. And Tangled is a new favorite movie. Jac's really holding onto how happy Rapunzel is when she cut her hair, I'm really nervous about an upcoming hair-do.

Read lots of books with Papa Billa and grandma. 

And we built raised garden beds and a slide!! And there was a very helpful Elsa helping out Papa Billa.

And we went to Minnehaha Falls. Last time I went I had smaller kiddos and I remember it being a lot farther away - amazing how much harder everything was back then. There were rocks to pick up, trails to walk, sticks to throw in the water. It was so great. 

Sun in the eyes: 

Doesn't fully get sunglasses: 

Wade got something in his eye and was mad for the picture - kind of makes it perfect. 

Lots of stairs to walk up and we had to take a break. They did fall asleep on the way home. 

On the way home we stopped at McDonald's and they wouldn't let anyone play in the play place without socks on (they had some to buy - clever!!), so we got food and took it to go and Wade kept telling us about the great injustice in his life. The next morning Blake got all ready and put on socks so she could go to the play place. 

Grandma's reading glasses were a hit all week long. 

Everyone picked out their own clothes today for preschool - I usually try to make them look mostly normal for school and church - and everyone looked pretty normal! Blake wanted some help and told me she wanted to look pretty, so I kept giving her options, then in annoyance she told me she wanted to look pretty so it had to be pink! 

Wade had his first soccer game of the year and Grandma and Papa Billa were here to see it! And he played so well - was getting the ball, having fun, made a goal (after Papa Billa reminded him how to get one). It was so fun to see him and how much he's improved. He kept telling me that it was cause he practiced so hard (twice). After we went and got ice cream and that just topped the cake. 

Jac goes through about 7 outfits a day. One day she came out to where I was working in a maternity dress. I told her to go change and go to sleep for quiet time and I went in to find her actually asleep.

Jac slept in one morning and Blake wanted her blanket and Wade went up to get it for her, he came back so proud of himself, " I ran up so quiet to get Blake her blanket and I didn't make a sound with my feet or my mouth and I didn't wake up a single eye!" 

Discovered this last week on the car we're selling. Now we're selling it off for parts basically. Thanks girls! When Bryan got home he put them in time out again (I already had) and when he got them out he picked them both up and gave them both a hug and let them know he loved them. So precious.

The day after I discovered the rock art on the car I went and bought a mirror. I've wanted this big mirror for years and finally sold my other one and saved up and went and bought it right before my parents got in. I couldn't decide how I wanted it hung, so I left it leaning (like and idiot) and later I shut the door hard and it fell. I owned it for 4 hours. It was a sad couple of days. It was a beast to clean up and Bryan ended up taking over while I cried. 

I went to a friends house to use her stationary bike (I still can't run, but I can bike!!) and on the way over Wade said, "You're going to go work on your bike skittles?" That is one that I won't be correcting. 

So I've been itchy. Really itchy. Mostly at night. I don't know if it's an allergy issue or if I'm just straight up crazy. I feel like I'm going crazy. It feels like when you have a bug crawl on you want you swat it away and then it itches - only all over! Well, not all over, but like one or two "bugs" every few minutes. I took a melatonin last night to help me sleep. I've never taken it before, and I slept so hard. So hard that I didn't move all night and woke up sore and got a headache (but also looked up side effects and it is one, and if a headache is a side effect, you'd better believe I'm going to get one). Hoping I figure it out soon. 

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