2019 chapter 21

The kids get coins for helping around the house (when I remember) and this week we cashed some in for Happy Meals! Got to use coins to buy $12.81 worth of food. There was one $0.50 piece. There were a lot of coins. They didn't have any boy toys and they ended up bringing us out ice cream as an apology. And everyone was perfectly happy with unicorn glasses that make you run really fast, in case you're wondering. 

I was helping Blake get dressed and she told me she wanted something pretty, so I was pulling out pretty church dresses and everything, then she informed me she wanted "something pretty, something pink." That night as the girls did their regular change-19-times-before-falling-asleep routine and she picked this - head to toe pink. She so pretty. 

Wade's continues to be busy making stuff. I asked him if he was done with something he hadn't touched for a few days and he had to smell it and act like it smelled horrible, which meant it was okay to throw away. He's been really good about cleaning up the table when he's done, something he learned while my mom was here, I'm so appreciative. He's also been calling his collection of creations his "crap," perhaps I need to have some better word choices. He made ValleyFair this week, complete with spinning wheel. 

Also, we're out of tape again.

Bought a hoola hoop for a project. We brought it inside and the kids immediately started tying all their socks to it...while wearing socks on their hands. Normal. Some of them were surprisingly hard to get off afterwards.

I popped in a piece of gum and Jac the detective knew immediately. She made me open my mouth and I hid it under my tongue, then she sniffed my mouth and said, "I smell gum with my nose!!" She got me.

Girls found their Christmas nail polish this morning. Wade put out pieces of paper towel for them, always helpful. Messes still happened. Hooray for water based. And there was disappointment all around when everything peeled off by lunch.

Kids keep telling each other what they're supposed to say, I always hear them telling one another, "and now you say this" or "you're supposed to say ewww!" 

Found Wade using his tongs in another way. I'm always so impressed. 

I hung lights up on my deck, Bryan says they look cheap. I'm ignoring him. And I made raspberry trellis T's, that are not pictured because as I was tightening one end it wasn't getting tight and then I looked and I had pulled the other end over. I need to cement them in, but it's been raining non-stop and I've never dealt with cement, so it's going to take brainpower and concentration and willpower. New mediums always do. And I built a compost pile! But then the rain started and I didn't fill them.                                                                                                                                                                     

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