2019 chapter 22

Wade's realized that when I'm in the bathroom or my closet getting ready (or on the pot...that's part of "getting ready") that I'm a captive audience because I'm stuck. Tonight he told me that in the morning they were all going to give me a big surprise, I asked him what it was and he said, "Okay, I'll tell you, but you'll have to forget. We're going to clean the whole house!" Which is quite the feat, cause I pretty much took the long weekend + a day off from my housekeeping job, and I think the place would look better if it were moving week. But, really, gotta mention how funny the "you'll have to forget" was. Oh, and just what a sweet kiddo that Wade is! He's regularly making presents for people and making "playplaces" for his sisters, or "salads" for me.

Nana and Papa are in town! Hooray! Wade worked hard on making a list of what he wanted to do with them. One thing was singing. They all dressed up and sang a wide range of songs, from real to made up, cute to ?

Here's his list. I have stashed this to keep for forever. I always want to remember his person singing. My mom pointed out that he also learned to draw his arms not coming out of his head. SO much progress. 

Nana has been helping us learn to ride bikes! We got them all (and the helmets) this weekend at thrift stores. Blake's needs some oil, which we realized on our walk. It was rough. The walk ended with me carrying Blake's bike and Jac's scooter. 

Wade's doing really awesome and even got up the hills. 

Blake was still having a hard time on her bike and Wade said, "I don't think Blake can be in the show of record books, because she needs to ride a bike."  

No would be a good time to show this:

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law and I went shopping at 50% off thrift store sales. 2 stores Saturday and 2 on Monday. I had to unload stuff in order to get my kids out. So fun. (I also then picked up orders to do delivers all Monday evening to pay for my fun). 

Today was the last day of preschool. My kids loved their teachers and are going to miss going. I am also going to miss them going. Wade's excited that next he gets to do kindergarten and asked if it starts tomorrow. 

We went to a wedding reception and they had a big white tent set up, when we walked in Wade goes, "Cool! They have a fort!" 

During the sacrament today I was whispering in Jac's ear about Jesus and she told me, "We can kiss Jesus. We can hugs Jesus. We can high five Jesus and knuckles Jesus." 

Um, Blake in things: 

Jac and Blake inside things:

I guess I own some cats. I wonder if I sneak a cucumber behind them if it'll freak them out. 

And then Wade on top of a tower (our outdoor cushions cause it rained all week! But finally sunshine today!!)

And now I need to show off my outdoor space! Added lights and pillows and it looks so dreamy. 

And then something not dreamy. These crack me up. 17 layers of kid nail polish. If my kids ever want to be rainbow trolls, I know what to do. 

We went to our first BBQ/Bonfire this weekend (SUMMER IS HERE!!). Wade and his friend hung out on this seesaw swing for probably an hour. They thought they were so cool and said, "We're going so high! No one is as high as us! We went higher than two...three branches! We're higher than our moms!" 

At the end of the party I was getting everyone ready to go and told them they could all do one more thing - Jacqueline ran to the pop table and got herself one more drink, that was her "one more thing." 

That night I went into the girls room to remind them that they were supposed to be sleeping and they were bickering. I asked what was wrong and Jac burst into tears as she said, "I say my birthday in August and Blake say my birthday not in August, but my birthday in August!" And there was real hurt in that poor little break down. Blake was being a smug little turkey, but when I asked her about it she said, "I don't want my birthday in August, I want my birthday at big Harper's house!" (that's where the party was). 

The kids have been talking about how when they grow up they'll leave me - they bring it up, but it makes them so sad. Wade was in his car seat and I could hear him breathing harder and realized he was getting worked up about it! And today Blake told me she'll just stay living with me, I said okay. Hoping that doesn't turn into all my kids living in my basement. 

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