2019 chapter 23

I just had a coughing attack and the hiccups and I really thought for a moment I might die from lack of air.

Yesterday we had the craziest storm roll through - the biggest I've seen in MN. We were at the pool and it started raining - we stayed for a bit (pic above, last ones in the water), but then lighting started going and we got to the car, just for it to start pouring buckets as soon as we got it (not bad timing). I started driving and then the tornado warning sirens started going off and I got an alert on my phone saying to seek cover for the next 30 minutes. I turned and the way I was headed the sky turned green. I called my friend that I was closest to , asked if she was home and said we were coming over. I carried all three of my kids and could barely see as I ran in from the rain. In 15 minutes it had calmed down and in 30 we were back in the car. Bryan called and said the power went out at our place, so I stopped to get McDonald's. During the chaos my gas light turned on, but I knew I could make it home. On the way home I had to keep detouring because of flooding. By the time I made it through everything I was getting nervous about gas, but by then I was in the section without power and all the gas stations were down! We got home safe, ate mcnuggets by lamp (without ranch and BBQ, cause Bryan didn't want open the fridge), I read 23 books (okay, only 19, a few were repeats. Specifically the one about unicorns farting rainbows). 

My little biker gang! We rode home (+ a cousin) after Wade's soccer game. 

Wade fell off his bike once (on a different bike ride) and once he calmed down and was repaired Nana told him to tell his bike that's he's the boss, so now anytime he tumbles I can hear him mumble, "I'm the boss of you!" Jac fell once and after she told Papa "I never want do that again!" as she stamped her foot in protest. Everyone was fine and happy with their bikes for a while, but now Jac's is by far the best - it's pink, it's the biggest. Content for just a moment. 

Blake has been my buddy. With Nana and Papa in town I was able to leave kidless a few times, but Blake always wanted to go with me. Every time we'd get to a store she'd immediately be a booger and melt down, or be hungry, or want to go back home, or her legs would hurt. Or regular distractions, like finger unicorns.  But she's so cute. At least having one kid doing kids things is easier than three. 

Found this picture Jac took of Blake: 

I cut down all the dying tulips and now I have piles of stupid stems the kids saved all over the place. The most exciting were the few that had petals still on them and then there were some grape hyacinths too, and that was just perfect. Blake made the flower bowls and Wade jumped on that band wagon sooo fast! 

I was laying with the girls one night and Travis left and they both had to get up to watch him leave. Bryan says he gets this view every week he goes to basketball - loved it form this side. 

I still lay with the girls for naps. I love that time. Today Blake fell asleep first (which rarely happens) and Jac wanted me to tickle her face (usually she makes me turn my back to her and she cuddles into it - I realized recently it's cause she hates my breath on her hair or skin). I know it's a handicap, but I love it every single day. I looked up the Mary Poppins song she sings to the sleepyheads, each time ti's different, but they love it. They've also been requesting the Jesus song (I'm trying to be like Jesus) and every time they try to sing it the chant "Jesus Song, Jesus Song" to the tune of Baby Shark. 

Wade's been very concerned about my cold. the first day I had it he drank out of my drink and I told he was going to get sick. He's been a bit batty since. That day every time I touched him he would wash his hands - like, my elbow toughing his hair required soap and water. He asked for a bath before bed to really sanitize himself. When I went into his room for bedtime he sat plastered with his back to the wall and all his blankets and stuffed animals pulled back so I could sit without touching anything - I politely stood in the middle of his room and told him I wouldn't touch him, you could visibly see his relief. It's lightened up since then, but tonight after bed time I was walking out the door and he asked me if next time I could be sure to cover my mouth when I coughed in his room (I ducked my head under my arm/into my elbow pit. Wasn't sufficient. 

Wade made me a butterfly! Complete with stand, that he explained was the leftovers of his catapillar cocoon. He wrapped it in a box with a roll of tape and I love it.  He also made a sticker machine this week, complete with money he made for people to put in it and a shoot for the stickers to come down. He was giving people "stickers" he made (his friends always appreciated them, but I loved the looks of the parents as my kid handed their kid trash), but Nana took him to buy stickers and they cut them up together for his sticker machine. Wade has now moved onto sticker activity books and takes the stickers with backs still on them and tapes them to paper and then draws playgrounds for his recipients to put the stickers on. He really is so thoughtful. 

 I started riding my bike! The first time I went I didn't sneak out well enough and Jac was distraught. It's all an act, she's not particularly clingy, but decided it was a good time to be. When I got home I sat out on my porch and put my arms up, I needed to shave and Blake found that most fascinating. She hadn't seen it before and I could tell she didn't know if she should call it gross or not. She saw one arm, investigated, then demanded to see the other arm. I put my arms down. When Jac came out Blake made me put my arms up to share this interesting bit of reality she discovered.

For my friend's birthday we went up to St. Paul and found ride-share scooters and went for a joy ride. It was so fun! Started with us looking up locations on their app (people leave them anywhere and then you can go find them. Some people use them for practical purposes, we just wanted to play and be a small, 30-somethings, scooter gang) and then we'd roll up to a corner and someone would jump out to find the scooter nearby! At one point my friends ran out of battery and we rode together back to the group and I have not laughed harder in years - her hair was in my face and I couldn't see, we almost drove right into a fountain and bailed last second. So funny. Next time I'm bringing a helmet.

Okay, now I need to go to sleep (well, more likely I'm just going to go cough in my bed for hours, should be fun) off this cold.

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