2019 chapter 24

I bought grapefruits on accident instead of oranges. My kids don't like grapefruits. I'm eating five pounds of grapefruits solo. 

These bikers bringing their horses to the water trough. Summer right here.

Jacqueline has been telling everyone that her birthday is in August. EVERYONE! If someone asks her name, "my birthday in August." How old she is? "My birthday in August." And now she's getting a list together of what she wants for her birthday. It's kind of handy - she see's something she neeeeeeds and I get her to put it back because she'll get presents for her birthday...but now she's remembering things and has a list. Unicorn pinata. Lip gloss. Pink flower necklace. August is still a ways away, she's going to have quite a list. 

We've got a two year old hanging out with us a few days a week for a bit. Her name is Ruby and my kids are enamored with her (occasionally it overwhelming so). He dad usually has her during the day, but he's been having seizures and I'll have Ruby until those are under control. I have a car that seats 4 kids, so we're all set. Went to the library, grocery store, and the park today (she fell asleep on the way home, how have I already forgotten about that!). Wade kept saying her name, but it would come out root beer, and I'm sad that's already corrected out of him. 

We signed up for summer reading and discovered this library has a glass wall over the sorting room so you can watch the books being sorted AND THERE'S A CONVEYOR BELT! It was a hit. Then a juggler came. The library is insane in the summer. We just need to hang out there around 10 daily. 

Wade had his last day of soccer and scored TWO GOALS!! He got a metal (not for the goals. Just for showing up. Actually, we probably could've gotten a metal if we hadn't shown up) and he's been so excited and showing EVERYONE he got a metal. After we went for ice cream and asked if we could call it "family ice cream." 

And Blake had to show me her belly...? 

Jacqueline needs you to know her birthday is in August. 

I came upstairs cause I heard the girls in the playroom when they were supposed to be sleeping. Jac sees me, jumps, and scurries to her room. Blake looks at me, doesn't bat an eye, and just walks over and asks for a hug and kiss - like that's why she was playing an hour passed her bedtime, she just wanted a hug and kiss. 

I turned the corner one day and saw Jac and Blake in a pirate hat and fighter mask (IDK what kind of fighter. Happens when you Goodwill) and they said, "mommy, we're camouflage!" 

The kids have been making PB&J's + Nutella. I've never actually seen it happen. Remarkably the only reason I usually know it's happened is cause of the very Nutella encased knife in the sink, but that's it. Watched it today and they were quite good. I was so impressed. Then Blake informed me it was for me...I was less thrilled. I saw how much finger licking and poking happened. Luckily I was able to remind her I had just eaten and later they wanted it. Phew. Um...and if you visit, I'd eat peanut butter, jelly, or Nutella at your own risk.

Wade had me make him a paper with names of his friends on it so he could spell them correctly when he makes his friends presents and writes their names on top. Seriously, such a giving little soul. 

Jacqueline would like you to know: "my birthday in August." 

"The Jesus Song" (I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus) continues to be the current bedtime favorite. After singing one night Wade said, "I'm trying to be like Jesus, but I'm not like him yet." Then we talked about how none of us are perfect and we're all trying and he concluded, "Everyone in this family is still trying to be like Jesus." 

Now that's what he wants to talk about every night, it's his favorite stall tactic...how can I be like, "Wade, we're not going to talk about how to be more like Jesus, go to be!" It's not an option. Smart little soul. 

Wade's been making presents for friends and decided (on his own!) that he could turn yogurt cups into punch presents! 

He's also taken to drawing things in the air. My favorite is he told Bryan that he could draw a really good lady bug, and then he drew it in the air. The whole lady bug. We had to take his word for it, but I assume it was a really good lady bug. 

Jacqueline's birthday in August. 

The kids were in the bath and Wade asked if they could dip their heads in the water like a hot dog in ketchup. Best comparison ever. 

I've been riding my bike! Went out twice this week. I haven't been able to work out like this since I hurt my back/leg last August! It feels amazing and my legs are the good kind of sore. Love it. 

We've had so much rain, but in the spurts of sunshine I've been weeding. So many weeds. I weeded my corn patch, but what I think is corn spouts might very well be crab grass. I might have spent time delicately weeding around my crab grass. 

Wade told me the night before that he was going to surprise me in the morning. I came down to a stop sign taped to his trash can. They were cleaning the kitchen. I don't know how he decides what letters to use, but looking at this picture I can in fact see a stop sign. Was that intentional? It even look hexagonal-ish. Does he know stop signs are hexagons?

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