2019 chapter 25

These little cuties have been so annoying today. Not naughty really, just obnoxious! So much to say and all at once. And I was trying to get stuff done and harmony in our home is much better when I don't have a timeline. I regularly have friend comment on how they're impressed at how much I do with my kids - boring stuff, not fun stuff. Errands, chores, yard work. But I'm only able keep my cool when we have no timeline. 

But, sometimes with annoying busybodies you also get hilarious moments. Found them all in the toy cupboard. Then under Wade's bed. Then in the pantry. 

Wade decided to make a robot with a plastic wrap face. Only it wasn't a robot, he kept correcting me, but I'm still not sure what it was. It was looking really awesome and he kept telling me he didn't need help. But then he decided the put a bottom on it, which I tried to brainstorm with him, but he wanted me to butt out. He couldn't get into it (saw that coming), but he didn't freak out, he just decided to cut an opening in the top. That didn't work either, but he still didn't freak out! Then he took the bottom off, but realized he couldn't fix the top...

That's when he freaked out. I sat and cuddled him on the kitchen floor, cause failing at your creations is really hard. Then I talked him into watching a show and it healed all his wounds. Until he saw his messed up creation again, I asked him if he wanted me to get rid of it and he said yes. 

 Blake's breakfast one morning. Shredded cheese, cereal, the rest of a guacamole cup. She loves the green stuff.

Jac asking Daddy to rub her back. 

Jac's addicted to waffles right now. She asks for them for every meal and at bed time every night she double checks that if she goes to sleep then she can have waffles when she wakes up. This is her finishing off Blake's morning waffles (and syrup) while I made lunch. She's so serious (and gross) about her food, especially sweets and condiments.  

We got a unicorn! I spent the whole morning blowing it up (had to keep taking breaks, I'm older, wiser, and less full of hot air these days) and it was immediately fought over. Blake's the only one on it here cause Wade's sitting on a step in time out and Jac was banned from touching it. It was sitting on the shore and the wind took it (without Blake on it, just to clarify)! Told my friends to watch my kids and I went swimming after it. It kept blowing further and further, I was getting tired and the thought crossed my mind "this is how people drown! They think they can make it, but they can't!" I was 10 feet away and made a last effort to get my $9 floaty, but then the wind took it again and I gave up. I turned and back floated all the way back. Some boaters ended up grabbing it and bringing it to shore (Wade keeps reminding me that they were out heroes! I'm just the equivalent of the guy who gets shot at the beginning of the fight, not a hero). I think this will be a pool, not lake, toy from now on. 

Brought it to the lake only partially inflated, the was home was way funnier. 

Different day, same beach. Jac in her natural habitat. Eating. I don't know what happens to kids at the park/beach, but we get there and all they want to do is eat. All kids seem to be affected by this. 

Our new favorite beach isn't overcrowded (except when me and my friends come) and the water is clear! Perfect for catching fish. 

I wore a swimsuit that has little cut outs. I know have a mermaid burn. 

Bryan and I were moving all the stones for our fire pit down to, well, where the fire pit will be. It would have made sense to prepare the ground so we could just lay them, but instead we put them in such a spot that we'll have to move them in order to prepare the ground and then move them back. Definitely working harder, not smarter. But our neighbor's grad party was last weekend and we didn't want to be too ghetto. About 1/3 of the way in our wheel barrow broke! 

Thanks for buying and installing a new wheel, dad! But, it's not so useful now. This is not the most efficient way to use a wheelbarrow:

Bryan's brother has our other wheelbarrow (yes, somehow we ended up with two), so we grabbed tarps and dragged them down. 15 trips later and we got them all down. 

I forgot to take notes this week! My kids did and said funny, adorable things, but I was too busy being annoyed at them, apparently. That's not true, we actually had a wonderfully fun week! 

Oh, and I did take one note that I always want to remember - Blake says hanmuger (hamburger) and I repeated it to her and she got annoyed and said, "Not hanmuger, hanmuger!" Just like my brother, AJ, used to call my sister Bialith, but my parent's weren't allowed to say it and he'd tell them, "It Bialith, not Bialith!" 

I went on a 10 mile bike ride tonight, longest I've gone so far. I'm sore. I may sleep on the couch tonight to avoid stairs. All in the name of being healthy. 

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