2019 chapter 26

All the kids went to their friends batman birthday party (Wade has informed me that at the beginning of winter he'd like a batman birthday too). Jac and Blake both made best friends with some of the older sisters there and keep talking about them. Blake is mad in this picture cause the eyes of her mask aren't on her eyes. You'll notice no ones are really on their eyes. Sheesh, there's nothing really better than a picture of my kids in stupid masks.  

Wade built a house for his Grossery Gangs, but he also made cardboard guys to go inside. And made toilets. And a TV. All the important stuff. 

We drive by a construction site a lot and it's getting close to being done, which is very exciting to my children. Blake said, "Wow, that's amazing!" and Wade corrected her (cause in his mind she needed correcting), "Actually, it's cool."

We've had lots of rain and the outdoor cushions make great forts and race tracks. Stupid outdoor furniture making my indoors crazy. 

Out of the blue Wade asked, "If people don't know Travis, how do they find him to fix their car?" Luckily we know Travis and he always helps us fix our car - not that he's needed to in a long time, like I said, out of the blue. 

Daddy sometimes lets the kids help him play a phone game, and you better believe they're all there for such a treat. 

Wade's primary teacher told me that in his class a kid was sitting on the window sill and Wade was going to too, but asked if it was reverent. The teacher told him it wasn't the most reverent choice, so he decided not to do it. Oh, this boy want to do his very best (unless tired, hungry, a project isn't working, or a sister is being extra obnoxious). 

We went to Toy Story 4 yesterday (really good!) and today Wade made a Forky. And he couldn't stop laughing that he made one arm a string, apparently that's quite a good joke. 

I laid out my fire pit! I'm seriously doing this just the dumbest way possible, but excited to see it take shape! I did it in the evening, without bug spray...in case you're wondering my right leg is apparetnly the tastier leg. 7:1 bites.  

And look at my peas grow! I have to beginnings of some pods!!!! And in this shot you also get the lily I killed. 

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