2019 chapter 27

We had the craziest storm Sunday night and woke up to our neighbor's tree in our yard. Trying to get pictures of how massive it is. It's massive. Underneath my my fire pit, garden beds, raspberries, slide, hydrangea bush. I don't think anything structurally was damages, but all my plants I'm sure are smashed. Mourning a little over here, cause it was looking so good!

Tomorrow our neighbor's are working on removing it and we're going to help. I'm anxious about how much they're going to take care of. But, we'll find out tomorrow. On a day that's supposed to be 86 degree with 100% humidity and have thunder storms. I'm so excited.

It's been crazy storms and hot all week. We pulled out the kiddie pool as the only way to survive. 

And everyone keeps watering my plants...which, they don't need, cause, storms. 

Jac made a skirt out of a sweater and we had a pretty decent battle about her not wearing it to the store. Her main arguments: it's pink. It has pockets. And love that this picture captures Wade creating in the background - he's making a wish machine for Bryan and me, but I was informed that I can wish for a bigger garden, cause that's his wish for me. 

Bought the biggest watermelon I've ever gotten. This was 1/8th of it. 1/8!! Luckily, it was amazingly tasty. What would we have done if it was gross? 

Outdoor cushions were inside again for storms. Wade came and told me, "Um, mom? We accidentally made a huge mess with your cushions." Ha! They played with them for hours! 

Wade made a package for me and left it on the doorstep and rang the doorbell. It was empty. He couldn't stop laughing. 

Later, on this same box, the kids discovered that they could color on boxes with white crayons. It was a huge discovery. He came downstairs to tell me and he was almost yelling and letting me know that now they can use the white crayon whenever they want!! And then he turned around and ran into the vacuum cleaner. 

Wade fell asleep one afternoon (rare) and I went to wake him up. I laid next to him and then he put his arm around me and fell back asleep. Well, kind of asleep, that sneaky smile. 

Wade's been into helping the girls be beautiful. 

Jac decided she needed to sit on her doll chair for breakfast. The night before she planned it and asked if she could after she slept (cause she's really into lists of what we're doing), I said yes not really realizing what she was talking about. 

Blake's been having an emotionally rough week. Lots of tantrums. This has been her favorite spot to sit her grumpy butt down. 

My cousin, Kri,s and her family stopped at our house for a night, we loved it! My girls were in heaven with her girls. Wade had a rough time this year with her son - Wade really wanted to control everything and was just kind of being a turd. So sad cause they had less than a day to play. Don't you wish you could help your kids realize that they needed to treasure the moment? Kris and Zella stayed a little longer and came to church with us. We were teaching Sunbeams and they both came to help and it was so fun - in singing time there was putt-putt golf and Zella got to take a swing. It was such a fun day.  

Kids have been needing to see things on their back, so my camera roll is filled with pictures of birthmarks, moles, bug bites, and owies. 

Painted my playroom today! My friend came over to help me, which made it 10x more fun. And it was so good to help me not worry about the huge tree in my back yard. Growing up I thought it was so lame that my mom painted all our wall white, now I'm grown up and I understand and now I'm painting my walls white. So clean and fresh. 

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