2019 chapter 28

I fell  asleep last night at 9. Actually, 8:30 on the couch and then I moved upstairs. I was about to type that I didn't know why I was so tired cause I didn't do anything especially exhausting yesterday, but then I remembered that every night for about a week (except last night) I've been going to bed between 1 and 4. New book series. I cannot be trusted to make good decisions. So here I am, a day late.

We celebrated the fourth. It was so hot and we ended up in a pool which was so delightful. I worked a bunch doing Shipt grocery orders and got great tips. I got home and kids were sleeping (napping, at 9PM) and we got them up to watch fireworks, which they LOVED. At one point I said, "Oooo, ahhh" and Blake asked, "Why you say 'oooo ahhh'" in a monotone mimic, I explained that when people see something beautiful they say it, and then all the kids started saying it, with the right inflection. Then Friday we went to our neighbors for their sons engagement party and they did fireworks again and they exploded right over us, it was very cool. And loud. Kids enjoyed it again, but were quite a bit more nervous.

At one point Wade was sitting by himself and a loud firework went off and he was a little distressed and said, "I just want to sit with a parent. My mommy or daddy." It was so cute. And we put noise canceling headphones on all of them (a perk from Bryan's work) and they kept asking us questions and we'd answer and they'd just say "huh?" cause they couldn't hear us; really not much different than an everyday conversation. 

Also on the fourth the fallen tree got taken away! Thankfully, the original plan of us doing with our neighbors in terrible DIY fashion, they called us in the morning and said they hired some people and they were coming that morning. Hallelujah! Wade was out there watching a lot of it (I made sure not too much, nothing like taking out a huge tree on a 90 degree day with 100% humidity and having a 5 year old tell you what on his mind endlessly) and made friends with the tree cutters and made them all pictures - he was too shy to give them his creations, so I did it and they were all pretty awesome about it and Wade was beaming. Structurally everything fared and even my tomato plants made it, their cages took the beating and I was able to straighten them out and they're fine - my raspberries on the other hand, they're devastated. It looks like they dragged a bunch of the tree over them because they are ripped off (which is probably exactly what happened and it's not their fault, it just needed to be done. Still sad). I'm not worried about them coming back next year, but so sad that they're gone this year - they had green little berries forming all over, and now they're just gone. The back yard feels sooooo empty now, it'll take some getting used to, but at least everything is getting more sun! 


I started out my fourth going to a thrift store. I hadn't planned on it, but then I found out we weren't taking a tree out ourselves and off I went! That's really how I celebrate our freedom, half off used goods. I found this pink dress, but it was Blake's size and Jac was distraught, so I took just Jac to another thrift store to get her s pink dress too. I also found this planter that has wheels on it, which means that it should be filled with crap and scooted around the house. Obviously. 

We also got a few thrifted toys, including a Doc McStuffins doctor bag. Blake picked it and keeps saying Doc McFuffins and it's my favorite. She took it to church (I don't know how I let her get away with that!! We don't bring extra toys to church) and forgot it (a reason we don't bring toys to church) and all week I've been hearing about how much she misses her Doc McFuffins bag. I need you to just say McFuffins out loud real quick, just to get the cuteness. We went and found her Doc McFuffins bag yesterday and she fell asleep with it. 

This is a picture capturing the joys of childhood. Stretching out a fruit by the foot to suck into you mouth. Childhood. 

On Sunday Wade was talking about a missionary (I'm not sure which one, or if he heard that someone was leaving?) and asked, "Is that missionary leaving on his vacation?" I laughed out loud. Mission vacation. 

Wade's drawing normal stick figures. He showed me a picture and I realized that they look like what I draw - no arms coming out of heads or weird alien bodies, just stick figures. 

Came down one morning and all the bowls were dirty, so apparently the kids had found cupcake liners to hold their applesauce. In case you're wondering I cannot keep paper plates, plastic cups, tape, paper, cling wrap, and now cupcake liners stocked in our house, they're all "creation supplies." 

Jac set up a hide and seek distraction! She put a big toy tote (that they often hide in) upside-down where the seeker would see it, and then she went and got into her hiding space. 

And here's a creation. It's a robot. Wade made it (kinda) match one from his library book. This was originally two robots that they named Ma and Pa. 

Bryan will get on the freeway and lay on the gas to entertain the kids, he calls it turbo speed. They love it and ask for it all the time. Jacqueline says "turtle speed" and it makes me laugh every time. 

Jac has been eating leaves. She ate a pea leaf and the kids all tattled on her, so we discussed why we can't eat leaves, and now she keeps doing it cause she quite specifically knows she shouldn't. Parenting this child is my favorite. 

This week was cow appreciation day and we got free food. We made cow masks out of paper plates (amazingly I found two in our house), but they were too excited about the cow. I had a black/white dress for Blake, but she wanted to wear long shorts like Wade - it's always a toss up on which way she'll swing. Jac is always thrilled to be in a dress. 

I was going outside and Bryan was doing something inside. Blake was going to come out with me then said, "Oooo, I see my Daddy. Daddy eating a cookie. Hmmmmm....I want to go with Daddy." 

Another creation! Without any tape or glue!! This is their train....I think it was a train. 

Yesterday I was vacuuming while Wade was drawing at the table. Blake came down crying and as I went to turn off the vacuum Wade got up and put his arm around her and gave her his picture. It was so precious. This big brother caring for his little sister.

We were at the church yesterday because I got a new calling. Our relief society president just got called as a seminary teacher, so I was real worried calling vacancies. But, phew, I'm getting put into the primary presidency as second counselor. I'm excited-ish. I really enjoyed being the gospel doctrine teacher, but also not sad to leave it. I'm not really looking forward to potentially disciplining my kids (Jac), maybe I'll make a deal with the others and tell them I need to be hands off Jac, and someone else will need to remind her to sit in her chair (and be the judge of when it just doens't matter. Pick you battles, and as the mom I might accidentally pick every one).

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