2019 chapter 29

Bryan got an Echo Dot on Prime Day - it came today and the kids are OBSESSED! Jac figured out very quickly that she can say, "Alexa, plat Let it Go." And Wade figured out how to be very annoying and tell Alexa to stop in the middle of whatever song someone else had play. This is the coveted seat in the house now. And the dance parties are next level. 

Wade made make up for his sisters - even made the "compact" open and shut. 

Wade asked me to take a picture of this creation: 

We went to Cruise Night on Friday with friends. It's the beginning of our towns festival days and they start with a parade of old cars. Blake was excited to tell me that every orange car was a Papa Billa car. And Wade loved the "monster trucks" (there were no monster trucks. Just a few trucks with big wheels). 

After we went and got ice cream and our booth was a party! Seven kids with Wade being the oldest. Two little kids tried walking to our booth to join in. 

View from above of court chalking. Blake very excitedly "rainbowed" her bike too. 

Bryan figured out how to make Netflix play in Portuguese, so now any TV that the kids watch is in Portuguese. Unless we get a show from the library, making Doc McFuffins even more popular. But the kids are picking up on even more! And I realized that I can communicate (very basic) about anything to do with bathrooms, bedtime, eating, and water towers. Maybe I need to start watching my shows in Portuguese too. 

One of 435 pictures I found of Jac on my phone. Also found several butts. Cool. 

Tonight I made the mistake of telling Bryan that I'm excited to take Wade back to school shopping in front of the children. It launched into everyone getting backpacks and filling them to the brim and the girls being upset that they didn't get to go, so I told them I'd take them too for a few things, and then Blake gloating over Wade that shopping isn't kindergarten. Then we talked about Wade's potential backpack choices. Then Blake told me something and I commented to Bryan that she was looking at me with the most intense eyes, and she laughed and said, "I don't have ten eyes, I have two!" And then everyone skittered away from the dinner table with their backpacks of junk. 

Blake coming inside and informing me that it was really hot outside and she just couldn't go any further. 

I cut a few branches and the kids have been having a blast with them (seriously, I should never buy toys). They put them in the old fence posts (idk why we still have them) and he calls them his friends and he's a king. 

And my girls have turned into Wade and rarely wear shirts. 

 Normal findings:

Wade's robot that I discovered: 

For Christmas I got new lights for outside! We finally went to put them on and then we put them on and off 4 times, switching screws and such, until we realized I need to get the correct screws tomorrow. So now I have a hole covered in cling wrap (because I couldn't find any tape. Obviously). 

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